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Domnung™ is the Khmer word for "News". It is intended to be a news reader that serves as a news aggregator for both Khmer and English related articles with translations.

Domnung combines and sorts all your favorite web news and updates into one place, making browsing and searching simple and intuitive. Our mission is to bring news headline that are relevant and important with exceptional user experience.

A key feature includes personalization of your news and receiving notifications for topics you enjoyed reading. Domnung also translates the headlines from Khmer to English, and vice versa.

Our mission is to bring news that are relevant to our users in an intuitive experience.

Developer Updates

July 4, 2020

Prohok Domnung version 6.1.0 Deployed

Welcome to the year 2020! As the world is going through serious life changing events in 2020, we went through a big scaling and framework upgrades. Doing so, we had to remove certain functionality and users' data. But now we're ready to introduce new features and also re-instating previous features that were left out from the new upgrade.