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Version 1.1.0
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August 17, 2019
Domnung Version 1.1.0 Launched: New Category "Learning"

We just launched a new category dedicated to "Learning". We're beginning to populate the section with digital and computer related tutorials, guides, news and updates.

The next category that we're planning to open up is "Science".

July 20, 2019
Domnung Version 1.0 Launched: It has Begun

After a long four years of Beta development, we finally reached a stable version and feel that it is a good time to give it the Version 1.0 stamp. Thank you for your support!

This is just the beginning.

We are planning to add more exciting features to enhance the reading pleasure of news and updates on the web, in both Khmer and English.


Have any comments, complaints, suggestions or feedbacks? Or just saying hello? Leave us a message ...

Feedbacks and bug reports for site improvements are some of the things we would like to hear. Let us know your interests and the types of content you want to see more of. You can also suggest websites that you feel we should include.


"All your favorite news and updates in one place!"

Domnung™ is the Khmer word for "News". It is intended to be a news reader that serves as a news aggregator for both Khmer and English related articles with translations.

Domnung combines and sorts all your favorite web news and updates into one place, making browsing and searching simple and intuitive. A key feature includes single sign-on with Google/Facebook for personalizing your news and receiving notifications for topics you enjoyed reading. Domnung also translates the headlines from Khmer to English, and vice versa.

Our mission is to bring news that are relevant to our users in an intuitive experience.

Note: It is not recommended to use Google Translations on our site for English/Khmer, as we already have the translations through our Language selection.


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