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June 30, 2019
Domnung Beta 4.7 Launched: Layout and Navigation Updates

This update contains lots of layout fixes for all pages. We also added a new fixed left column to host relevant links for non-mobile devices. Other updates include:

Layout now accomodates larger screens, up to 1920px in width
"Accident" subcategory should now work consistently
We already starting to include videos (Youtube) into our listings
We finally added a privacy notice (since June 23rd)

June 21, 2019
Domnung Beta 4.6 Launched: Facebook Sign-in Added

You can now sign into our site with your Facebook Login and get user features.

here: /signin

June 18, 2019
Domnung Beta 4.5.2 Critical Fixes Launched: Sign-in Fixed!

Well, apparently, sign-in did not work for users without any bookmarks! Oops.

Here are some key updates:

Fixed User Sign-in! /signin
Added an early "For You" feature to listing in your Inbox.
Updated default layout for listing pages by showing stats and bookmark links when users mouse over the article. (Non-mobile only)

Please note, articles are delivered to your /inbox based on tags you are following and your browsing history.

June 17, 2019
Domnung Beta 4.5.1 Launched: Date Range and Reading Mode

We updated the category listing pages to allow date range for older articles and options for different reading modes.

Domnung Beta 4.5 Launched! · June 15, 2019

Since our last blog update, we had launched translations, FB comments and English sites/sections.

We are getting closer to releasing Domnung version 1.0. Until then, we have a few features and enhancements to add:

Add Facebook login
Improve tagging and support for compound words

Domnung Beta 4.0 Launched! · Apr. 14, 2019

Happy New Year!

We just launched Beta 4.0. This marks a big milestone.

New updates and features:

We finally launched the User features
You can now view your inbox at: /inbox
You can now view stories you bookmarked at: /bookmark
We now word segments all article Khmer texts
Updated the layout for navigation and various pages
Redesign Detail page. You can now share the story.
Added sidebar for Users and Notifications
And many bug fixes...

Domnung Beta 3.8 Launched! · Mar. 21, 2019

We added more articles and optimize loading for the category listing pages.

Domnung Beta 3.6.5 Launched! · Feb. 26, 2019

We added subcategories to the Cambodia category page. Please note, not all articles are sub-categorized. We are slowly adding them.

Domnung Beta 3.6 Launched! · Feb. 19, 2019

We made major backend changes in preparations for Beta 4.0:

Major server and database changes
Added first iteration of subcategories
Filter accidents articles. You can still reach its tag page: /t/accident
Other minor bug fixes...

Tired of seeing human road-kills in your daily news?

We added our first iteration of subcategories and the capability to tag and filter accident articles. Accident articles are now filtered and removed from the Cambodia category page by default for its graphic content. You can, however, reach its tag page at: /t/accident

More subcategories are coming soon...

Domnung Beta 3.5 Launched! · Feb. 11, 2019

Domnung Beta 3.5 launched for the 2019 Chinese New Year! This update mainly updates the UI/UX with enhancements across the board, in preparations for the upcoming Beta 4.0.

Major UX/UI updates
Added transitions
Optimize page load
Optimize image load and sizes
Update top navigation
Add page headers
Add "More Like This" to article detail page
Other bug fixes...

Domnung Beta 3.0 Launched! · Jan. 15, 2019

Domnung Beta 3.0 launched for the 2019 New Year! This is the first launch with the new updated framework.


Domnung is the Khmer word for news. It is intended to be a Khmer news portal that serves as a news aggregator for Khmer related news with search and ranking. Our mission is to bring news that are relevant to our users in an intuitive experience.

We are planning to expand our content to English readers. Expect Cambodian news in the English language as well as other categories in future updates.

Features Roadmap

Here are some of the major features to be released in the near future.

For Version 1.0

Improve tagging and support for compound words

Youtube Videos

We are planning to include Youtube video playback right on our site for articles that have videos or are related to a topic with videos. For an example, if an article pertains to the topic "John Wick", we should have video links to the trailers, reviews or interviews.

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Beta Disclaimer

Here at Prohok Solutions, we are constantly updating and testing our codes in production during these ongoing Beta phases. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for visiting and making our site better.

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Domnung ដំណឹង
Beta 4.7

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