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Cambodian Civilian Experts: What does gaming season mean?FRESH NEWS

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khTugs show solidarity
Trivia is a type of game that Khmer boys and girls enjoy to play in. Fun tugs are played physically They play only during the Khmer New Year season. This game shows a unified team to win
khSome do not know Khmer folk games!
Phnom Penh: About 10 years ago, popular Cambodian games like gambling, hatchet, hatchet, leaflet, king wanted to hang up, etc., were very popular. Factory. Meanwhile, some factories in Phnom Penh have made it easier

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Khmer Embassy in Japan presents a...
Khmer Embassy in Japan presents a phone number for rescuing Khmer people in earthquake-hit areaskh
(Phnom Penh): The Khmer Embassy has called on Cambodians living in Yamagata Prefecture, a province with a magnitude 6.8 earthquake, to get in touch with the situation in case they are affected.


Japan has been hit by a 6.5-magnitude...
Japan has been hit by a 6.5-magnitude earthquake that has prompted Japan to declare an emergencykh
Cambodia's ambassador to Japan issued a statement on the case of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Japan.


Wonderful ! Korean singer Tzuyu came...
Wonderful ! Korean singer Tzuyu came to Angkor Wat and showed a real feeling
Yesterday, on June 15, 2019, Facebook founder, "Twice- 周子瑜 Tzuyu", posted a picture of the singer and family.


Khmer artist - surprise after...
Khmer artist - surprise after visiting the renovated factory of Khmer Beverages Co.,
(Phnom Penh): On the occasion of the Monde Selection of Khmer Beverly Gives, Cambodian Artistry Artist is very excited after visiting the factory and interested in the technology used for making beer and brewing.


Artists - Khmer Artists Surprised...
Artists - Khmer Artists Surprised with Modernization of Khmer Beverly Gis Factory 16, Jun 2019, 2:32 pmkh
On the occasion of winning the Monde Selection of the Khmer Beverage Company Limited, Kem Sokha Kara Kara, Sonyone said: "After walking,


The Yugoslav Archipelago is the...
The Yugoslav Archipelago is the earliest source of corruption in the
Tboung Khmum: A Yogyoke Arena is located at 7 Chom Dong district, in Khum Da Village, Memot District, Tbong Khmum Province, is running smoothly as the source of corrupt authority in Tbong Khmum.


Do not know who you are, they are...
Do not know who you are, they are cute, and especially if they are going to show off their models, they are Sergeant (video).kh
On June 15, 2019, a Facebook girl called "Ra Pun Zel" uploaded a picture and a video of a beautiful little girl, just seven years old, who was so cute


The Chinese have destroyed Khmer and...
The Chinese have destroyed Khmer and killed more Cambodians ... Two Cambodians have been convulsed to death because of China killing
Chinese drink drunk to lose consciousness in car crash Two people were drunk softly as a mini-sedan sedan rushed to hit a full-blown motorbike to the sidewalk


Tagged "Hair Salon" Inside, as a...
Tagged "Hair Salon" Inside, as a casino game, all fish games, toys, toys,
Phnom Penh: People are overwhelmed by the dangers of entering a hairdresser shop with Kim Xuyen Hair Salon, hairdresser, hairdresser, girlfriend, girlfriend, girl


The case of Khmer shootout officials...
The case of Khmer shootout officials and villagers involved in the confiscation of Chinese machinery companies have closed the investigation
The investigating judge of the Preah Vihear court has closed the investigation process on the case of Khmer Kung Fu staff and the ethnic minority of Keo commune.


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