Barca កំពុង​ចែចង់​ខ្សែ​ប្រយុទ្ធ​ប្រេស៊ីល​ម្នាក់​ទៀត ​ទុក​លេង​ជុំ​គ្នា​ជាមួយ Messi

Barca កំពុង​ចែចង់​ខ្សែ​ប្រយុទ្ធ​ប្រេស៊ីល​ម្នាក់​ទៀត ​ទុក​លេង​ជុំ​គ្នា​ជាមួយ Messi


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khBarcelona are considering a deal to buy Richarlison from Everton in an attempt to push forward.
​ក្លឹប​យក្ស​អេស្ប៉ាញ​ Barcelona ​កំពុងតែ​ពិចារណា​ចុះ​កុងត្រា​ផ្ទេរ​យក​ Richarlison ​ពី​ក្លឹប​ Everton ​ក្នុង​គោលបំណង​ចង់​ជំរុញ​ផ្នែក​ប្រយុទ្ធ​បន្ថែម​នៅ​រដូវកាល​ថ្មី​។​
Barcelona are looking to have a...
khBarcelona are looking to have a defender from Spain's top Liga club,
The giant club in Spain is expected to be able to bring in a few more players to attend.

khmernote.coma month

The 6Messi Club has not scored a...
khThe 6Messi Club has not scored a single club in the UCL since the game was played in Barcelona.
​តាំងពី​លេង​ឲ្យ​ឈុត​ធំ​ Barcelona ​មក​ month

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Messi scored a goal but could not...
khMessi scored a goal but could not help Barcelona win Copa Del Rey
Valencia have been the eighth consecutive Copa Del Rey champions after losing to Barcelona

Messi wants to beat Copa del Rey at...
khMessi wants to beat Copa del Rey at Anfield
Lionel Messi says he wants to win the Copa del Rey with Barcelona to ease the pain of failure

Messi: Winning the Copa del Rey...
khMessi: Winning the Copa del Rey Championship in the Champions League semi-final
Lionel Messi has said he wants to win the Copa del Rey with Barcelona to quell the loss to the Champions League semi-final against Liverpool, stating that he is amongst the worst at the moment.


He won the Golden Boot 6 times, but...
khHe won the Golden Boot 6 times, but Messi was in pain
He won six golds, but Messi responded to questions asked at the press conference

Wahaha ! Chanathip "Messi Thai" was a...
khWahaha ! Chanathip "Messi Thai" was a club in Ligging European top European are hunting
Chanathip Songkrasin, nicknamed "Messi Thai", was reported to be the 16th-ranked Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgar


PSG lose to Reims 1 to 3 Mbappe...
khPSG lose to Reims 1 to 3 Mbappe missed the opportunity to challenge the Golden Boot with Messi
Mbappe, who is hoping to have four goals to deliver a Golden Boot with Messi, has only one goal.

Not Messi, Neymar or Mbappe, but one...
khNot Messi, Neymar or Mbappe, but one of the stars, Ballon d'Or deserves the player
Australian goalkeeper Tim Cahill said the goalkeeper had confirmed that he had "

Silently, star-studded girlfriend...
khSilently, star-studded girlfriend Messi takes the name of a brother to do something
According to a news source EN, Messi's sister, who is representing Messi,

Japan striker Okazaki has conceded a...
khJapan striker Okazaki has conceded a contract with Leicester City to join Buriram United
Japan international Shinji Okazaki is looking for a new club to play after deciding to leave Premier League champions Leicester City FC near the end.


Iker Casillas: "We will try hard for...
khIker Casillas: "We will try hard for tomorrow's game"
(Phnom Penh): Iker Casillas has sent a message to encourage teammates as well as supporters of Phnom Penh Crown FC after losing to Sao Paulo Angkor in Siem Reap with a 1-0 win.


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