Man City ទំនងជាត្រូវដកខ្លួន ចេញពី ការប្រជែងយកខ្សែការពារ ឆ្នើម Ndombele

Guardiolaគ្រូបង្វឹកក្លឹប មេឃខៀវ Man City កំពុងធ្វើការងារស្វែងរកខ្សែការពារ ដើម្បីមកជំនួសកីឡាករ Fernandinho ដែលមានវ័យចំណាស់

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Manchester City are likely to pull out of the competition with Ndinbele Guardiola, Manchester City bosses are looking to find the defender to replace the older Fernandinho.

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khBarcelona are looking to have a defender from Spain's top Liga club,
The giant club in Spain is expected to be able to bring in a few more players to attend.

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