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Chinese navy is an army of peace and never threatens any country, says senior Chinese officialFRESH NEWS


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Mike Pompeo: Donald Trump will talk...
Mike Pompeo: Donald Trump will talk about Hong Kong protests with Xi Jinping in the G20kh
The US president intends to talk about the Hong Kong protests in a bilateral meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit.


Philippine fishing boat dumped:...
Philippine fishing boat dumped: Chinese government claims China never committed 'hit and run' 16, Jun 2019, 1:44 pmkh
The Chinese government has denied accusations from the Philippine side of the case of the Philippine fishing boat sinking caused by fishing boats.


China produced the first...
China produced the first domestic-designed DRAM chipkh
A Chinese company set up in 2016 will be the country's first largest maker of memory chips, competing with electronics giant Samsung Electronics and Micron Technology for $ 100 billion a year as Beijing


Beijing protests against Washington...
Beijing protests against Washington on Hong Kong's extradition lawkh
On Friday, China summoned a US envoy in Beijing to protest Washington's comment on the rule of law.


Chinese bridges collapsed with heavy...
Chinese bridges collapsed with heavy vehicles falling into the riverkh
Parts of a bridge fell into a major river in southern China, causing two cars to crash


Because of the US ! Chinese and...
Because of the US ! Chinese and Iranian relations may dissolve in smokekh
(Xinhua) - Following the attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman on Thursday, Chinese President Xi Jinping said Beijing would enhance relations with Iran.


Hong Kong authorities listen to...
Hong Kong authorities listen to citizens suspend extradition lawskh
The Hong Kong government has decided to suspend the extradition process to take sides with the parties after the mass protests against the process of setting up the law.


China denied that its vessels were...
China denied that its vessels were intentionally hit when the pressure increased for Dutton reactionkh
China on Saturday condemned the Philippines' accusation that its fishing vessel hit a fishing boat.


(Reuters): Should Taiwan be united...
(Reuters): Should Taiwan be united with the Chinese superpowers or declare independence?kh
Taiwan is a Taiwanese island state belonging to China. ! According to the Taiwanese government website, after the last monarchy was overthrown, the Republic of China was established in 1912.


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