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Domnung Bot translated the headlines
3 months ago

Ronaldo became the first player to win the Premier League in Italy, Spain, Spain, SpainCristiano Ronaldo created a new history ...

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Lika Cambodia: Svay Rieng remains top...
Lika Cambodia: Svay Rieng remains top of the table while Crown are impressivekh
The Cambodian league game ended in the weekend of the 15th minute.

Breaks down Vietnam striker's salary...
Breaks down Vietnam striker's salary after transferring to Leicester, Belgium's top
Recently, it was reported that Vietnam national striker Nguyen Cong Phuong was granted a league contract by HAGL to a club in Ligue 1 of the league with a season-long contract.

បើទៅមែនល្អណាស់!! James...
បើទៅមែនល្អណាស់!! James មានភាគរយខ្ពស់ខ្លាំងទៅចូលរួមជាមួយក្លិបយក្សមួយនៅ អ៊ីតាលី
អេស្ប៉ាញ៖ នាយកផ្នែកកីឡារបស់ក្លិប Napoli លោក Cristiano Giuntoli ត្រូវបានគេដឹងថាកំពុងតែស្ថិតនៅក្នុងទីក្រុង Madrid ប្រទេសអេស្ប៉ាញ ដើម្បីពិភាក្សាក្នុងការនាំយកកីឡាករ James Rodriguez មកលេងនៅទឹកដីអ៊ីតាលី។Real Madrid ទាមទាតម្លៃខ្លួន ៤២លានផោនសម្រាប់ខ្សែប្រយុទ


Juventus rejected a £ 27m offer from...
Juventus rejected a £ 27m offer from a big club in England for the Italian squadkh
Italy Juventus have rejected Everton's £ 27m bid for a young Italian striker Moise Kean.Moise Kean, 19, is a talented young player in the squad.


Ronaldo told Juventus to buy a...
Ronaldo told Juventus to buy a frontman from Man Utdkh
Italy striker Cristiano Ronaldo has told Juventus he has bought a Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku, according to The Sun.


ខ្សែប្រយុទ្ធ​វៀតណាម​ដែល​ប្រកប​អាជីព​នៅ​លី​ក​កំពូល​បែលហ្សិក​ ​ទទួល​បាន​ប្រាក់​ ​3ម៉ឺន​ដុល្លារ​ក្នុង​ ​1ខែ​
​កាលពី​ពេល​ថ្មី​ៗ​នេះ​ ​មាន​ព័ត៌មាន​លេចឮ​ឡើង​ថា​ ​ខ្សែប្រយុទ្ធ​ជម្រើសជាតិ​វៀតណាម​ ​Nguyen​ ​Cong​ ​Phuong​ ​ត្រូវ​បាន​ក្លិប​ ​HAGL​ ​ដាក់​ឱ្យ​ក្លិប​មួយ​នៅក្នុង​លី​ក​កំពូល​របស់​ប្រទេស​បែលហ្សិក​ខ្ចី​ជើង​ជាមួយ​កិច្ចសន្យា​រយៈពេល​ ​1រដូវ​កាល​។​ ​ ​ក្លិប​

Kirivong coach tells the reason why...
Kirivong coach tells the reason why he scored in the second leg differs from the first leg in the leaguekh
(Phnom Penh): Kirivong Sok Sen Chey won a 1-0 win over National Youth Football U18 team in the 14th Week of the LPGA Cambodia Cup of 2019 on Saturday, July 6, at the National Football Center and Football Center


Crown young striker saw the...
Crown young striker saw the Championship team in 2019kh
(Phnom Penh): Phnom Penh Crown Youth League 2019 Smart Youth League finalized after 3 months of play at four different levels.


Aston Villa lost to Vasana 3-2 on its...
Aston Villa lost to Vasana 3-2 on its opening day of the second leg in the leaguekh
(Phnom Penh): The second leg of the Premier League summit of the League of Cambodia 2019 gameweek 14, the home team of Villarreal, lost 3 matches with a 3-2 victory over Sunderland on Sunday,


AC Milan take one Real Madrid player...
AC Milan take one Real Madrid player (video)kh
AC Milan are ready to sign a contractual agreement with Theo Hernandez from Spanish giants Real Madrid for 20 million euros (£ 18 million). The 21-year-old Hernandez is 21 years old.


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