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Ms. Men Sam Aun calls for people to be very cautious about hot weather and fire, to avoid possible accidentsFRESH NEWS


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khMs. Men Sam An: Wat Phnom has contributed significantly to the building of a national society of morality
Svay Rieng: Men Sam An, Deputy Prime Minister, Communications Minister, National Assembly, Senate and Inspection and Chairman of the National Working Group for Svay Rieng Province
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Spokesman falsely falsely suggest...
Spokesman falsely falsely suggest that Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An is having serious health problems and calls on police to arrest the
(Phnom Penh): After a number of anonymous people fabricated fake news posted on Facebook that Deputy Prime Minister Men Sam An, Minister of Communications with the National Assembly, Senate and Inspection, is facing serious health problems,

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Narrowing the Spokesperson of the...
Narrowing the Spokesperson of the National Assembly-Senate Relations Department and Inspection of False Information that Her Excellency MS Men Sam An Have Severe Health Problemskh
PHNOM PENH, July 23 (Xinhua) - A spokesperson for the Ministry of National Assembly-Senate Relations and Inspection on July 23, 2019 issued a statement rejecting false information claiming that over the past few days Some anonymous people use a network

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The information that Lok Chumteav Dr....
The information that Lok Chumteav Dr. Men Sam An is experiencing is a troublesome health problem, that is fake
Spokesperson: In response to the posting of a Facebook account named Tor Nimol, who wrote that Lok Chumteav Dr. Men Sam An was experiencing a disturbing health problem, it was a fake news. Please note that for the last time, many anecdotes have been...

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Svay Rieng Governor advised citizens...
Svay Rieng Governor advised citizens not to engage in fisheries crimeskh
Mr. Svay Rieng, Mr. Men Vibol, suggested that citizens avoid three "fishers" related to the fisheries sector: First, do not use illegal fishing tools (such as discharging equipment and nets) No, do not catch a season in season (season

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Mr. Siphan: Cambodia still values...
Mr. Siphan: Cambodia still values relations with the United Stateskh
Sothanarapong: Royal Government spokesman Phay Siphan expressed Cambodia's stance that Cambodia still values relations and cooperation with the United States and hopes to work together well. The statement was made later

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Svay Rieng Governor Calls on People...
Svay Rieng Governor Calls on People Not to Use Illegal Tools in Fishing as It Affects Fish Safes and Biodiversitykh
Svay Rieng: Mr. Men Vibol, Governor of Svay Rieng province, has asked villagers to avoid three "fisher" in relation to the fisheries sector: First, do not use illegal fishing tools (such as discharging equipment and nets) 2 Do not catch fish during the...

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Singapore looks at Cambodia's high...
Singapore looks at Cambodia's high potential to import into Singapore construction materials such as cement, sand and water and
Singapore's Minister of Commerce and Industry Chandhuy Singh said Cambodia is a country with a high potential for export of goods. Singapore has fruits, fruits, fish, seafood, and seaweed

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Be very careful! Cambodia will have...
Be very careful! Cambodia will have more rain, some areas may have more rain due to
Earlier on July 16, 2019, the Ministry of Water Resources and Meteorological issued a Notice of Climate Change from 16 to 22 July 2019 confirming that the air The southwest monsoon has been increasing its influence on rice paddies

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The reporter sends the Red Cross...
The reporter sends the Red Cross donation to the funeral of his mother, Tith Sothy, Mengkh
At about 11:30 pm on the 16th of July, 2019, Tanzhexe news agency Fresh News received the humanitarian aid from the Cambodian Red Cross from Ms. Men Naripheak, 1st Sub-Secretary-General, Cambodian Red Cross, the representative of the Cambodian Red...

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Svay Rieng Provincial Government and...
Svay Rieng Provincial Government and General Department of Immigration hold closing meeting of deadline implementation of sub-decree on the cancellation and removal of abnormal Cambodian documents that foreigners are holdingkh
(Svay Rieng): General Gen. Kirth Chantharith, Director-General of the General Department of Immigration and Mr. Men Vibol, Governor of Svay Rieng Province, and Chairman of the Committee on Census and Management of Foreigners in the morning of 15th July...

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