4 Thai Actresses Who Change The Characters To Play Comedy TV Dramas

When started working in the Thai entertainment industry, most Thai actresses play the romance dramas. Lately, some of them show their acting skill by playing comedy TV dramas.SEE ALSO: Mai Davika Talks About Ter Chantavit Holding “Will You Marry Me?” Ball

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Bella Ranee With Her Successful...
Bella Ranee With Her Successful Career In The Thai Entertainment Industry
Bella Ranee Campen becomes a hot Thai actress after playing as Karakade in a TV drama ‘Buppesunnivas’. She really succeeds in her career in the Thai entertainment industry.SEE ALSO: Bella Ranee Wishes Her Boyfriend A Happy BirthdayThe actress attends the

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Bella Ranee Says She Doesn’t Have The...
Bella Ranee Says She Doesn’t Have The Right to Choose A TV Drama to Play
Bella Ranee is the top actress who has played different characters in the dramas. Most of her TV dramas get great feedback from the audiences and high viewership ratings.SEE ALSO: Bella Ranee Becomes A Top Actress With Many High Viewership Rating TV Drama

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