Zaha សារភាពថាចង់ ចេញពី Crystal Palace ដើម្បីក្តីសុបិន្តលេងនៅ Champion League

កីឡាករខ្សែប្រយុទ្ធ Wilfried Zaha បានសារភាពត្រង់ៗ ថាមិនមានបំណងចង់លេងជាមួយ នឹងក្លឹប Crystal Palace ទៀតឡើយដើម្បីធានាថាក្តីសុបិន្ត របស...

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Zaha confesses to go out of Crystal Palace to dream of Champions League playArsenal striker Wilfried Zaha has admitted that he has no intention of playing with Crystal Palace to ensure that his dream come true.

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