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Tourism Minister: Siem Reap, Angkor, and surrounding areas will have new attractive new products in the near futureFRESH NEWS


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UNESCO will speed up the listing of...
khUNESCO will speed up the listing of three cities into Uncategorized Heritage City quickly
Phnom Penh: Umar Alam, the Director of the Office in Phnom Penh and the representative of the organization

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Phnom Penh: Aun Porn Moniroth, Deputy...
khPhnom Penh: Aun Porn Moniroth, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Economy and Finance, and Chairman of the Economic and Finance Policy Committee on 18 April led the Intergovernmental Meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
ភ្នំពេញ​៖​លោក​ ​អូន​ ព័ន្ធ​មុនីរ័ត្ន ​ឧប​នាយក​រដ្ឋមន្រ្តី​ ​រដ្ឋមន្រ្តី​ក្រសួង​សេដ្ឋកិច្ច​ ​និង​ហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ​ ​និង​ជា​ប្រធាន​គណៈកម្មាធិការ​ ​គោលនយោបាយ​សេដ្ឋកិច្ច​ ​និង​ហិរញ្ញវត្ថុ​ ​កាលពី​ថ្ងៃទី ១៨ មេសា ​បាន​ដឹកនាំ​កិច្ចប្រជុំ​អន្តរ​ក្រសួង​ រៀបចំ​ផែនការ​មេអភិវឌ្ឍន៍​...

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​នាយក​អង្គការ​យូណេស្កូ​ថ្មី​ ​ប្រចាំ​កម្ពុជា​ ​គាំទ្រ​ប្លង់​មេអភិវឌ្ឍន៍​សមាហរណ៍​ ​នៅ​តំបន់​អង្គរ​ ​និង​តំបន់​ជុំវិញ​
​(​ភ្នំពេញ​)​៖​ ​នៅ​ចំពោះ​មុខ​លោក​ ​ថោង ​ខុន ​រដ្ឋមន្ត្រី​ក្រសួង​ទេសចរណ៍​ ​លោក​ សាដា​អ៊ូម៉ា ​អាឡាម ​នាយក​អង្គការ​ យូណេស្កូ​ថ្មី​ ​ប្រចាំ​ព្រះរាជាណាចក្រ​កម្ពុជា​ ​បាន​ប្រកាស​គាំទ្រ​ប្លង់​មេអភិវឌ្ឍន៍​សមាហរណ៍​ ​នៅ​តំបន់​សៀមរាប ​អង្គរ ​និង​តំបន់​ជុំវិញ​ ​ដែល​រាជ​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​...

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រាជធានី​ភ្នំពេញ​ ​៖ ​លោក​ ​អ៊ូម៉ា ​អាឡាម ​នាយក​ការិយាល័យ​នៅ​ភ្នំពេញ​ ​និង​ជា​តំណាង​ month

​រដ្ឋមន្រ្តី​ក្រសួង​ទេសចរណ៍​៖​ ៤...
​រដ្ឋមន្រ្តី​ក្រសួង​ទេសចរណ៍​៖​ ៤ ថ្ងៃ​អំឡុង​ពេល​បុណ្យ​ចូល​ឆ្នាំ​ថ្មី​ ​មាន​ភ្ញៀវ​ទេសចរ​ដើរកម្សាន្ត​ជាង ៨ លាន​នាក់​ ​កើនឡើង ៧០ % ​ធៀប​ឆ្នាំ ២០១៨
​(​ភ្នំពេញ​)​៖ ​រយៈពេល ៤ ថ្ងៃ​ ​ចាប់ពី​ថ្ងៃទី ១៤ ​ដល់​ថ្ងៃទី ១៧ ​ខែមេសា ​ឆ្នាំ ២០១៩ ​ក្នុង​ឱកាស​ពិធី​បុណ្យ​ចូល​ឆ្នាំ​ថ្មី​ប្រពៃណី​ជាតិ​ខ្មែរ​ឆ្នាំ​នេះ​ ​មាន​ភ្ញៀវ​ទេសចរ​ជាតិ​ ​និង​អន្តរជាតិ​ដើរកម្សាន្ត​នៅ​ទីនានា​ក្នុង​ប្រទេស​ជាង ៨ លាន​នាក់​ ​ដែល​កើនឡើង ៧០ %...

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Senior officials of the Ministry of...
khSenior officials of the Ministry of Tourism: Organizing cultural, tourist and cultural events is a good time for tourism operators to shake hands with each other.
(Phnom Penh): Under Secretary of State of Ministry of Tourism Sao Sovuthy said that organizing cultural and tourism events between Cambodia and China is very important because it is a great opportunity for agencies and tour operators to start a partnership.


The king came home after attending a...
khThe king came home after attending a meeting in France
Phnom Penh: His Majesty Preah Bat Samdech Preah Boromneath Norodom Sihamoni God

More than 60 tourism companies will...
khMore than 60 tourism companies will attend the Phnom Penh Tourism Expo in October 26, May 2019, 7:59 am
Phnom Penh: Companies or small travel agencies - big tour companies and tour companies from more than 60 countries will join Cambodia-international tourism expo


A Khmer Khmer company imports all...
khA Khmer Khmer company imports all kinds of products from China and sells high quality but low prices (Video inside)
(Phnom Penh): Xundd Cambodia, a company that imports all kinds of smartphones, such as PowerBank shells, charging cords, and hundreds of other products imported exclusively from China,


Laos will reopen flights to Cambodia...
khLaos will reopen flights to Cambodia in October after a temporary suspension
Laos's Loas Airline will reopen flights to Cambodia in October.


Supports Khmer Products ! Water glass...
khSupports Khmer Products ! Water glass Waterproof paper boxes made of raw materials of non-chemical products made by Borey O'Svay Community Tour
In the recent past, there is a full social network showing the handwriting of Cambodian knives, which can be used to make glasses of water. The boxes of rubbish are all made of bamboo used material.


The billionaire lottery company...
khThe billionaire lottery company launches a new product called 'billionaire'
(Phnom Penh): Billionaire Lotus officially launched a new product named "millionaire" at the Mekong View Tower Hotel on Thursday, May 23, 2014.


The Delegation of the Ministry of...
khThe Delegation of the Ministry of Industry paid a visit to Korea to explore Cambodia's local market promotion opportunities
(Phnom Penh): The Cambodian Delegation of Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts led by Mr. Chalalay Hi, Director of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), led 11 food and beverage enterprises to visit the Korea-Cambodia Business Forum from 19 to


Officers of the CamControl General...
khOfficers of the CamControl General Department have continued to monitor, control, deter, damage, deflate, and find prohibited chemicals in food products in the targeted markets in Phnom Penh but have not found any irregularities.
Phnom Penh: Camcontrol Branch, International Port, Phnom Penh Branch Kampuchea Krom, Phnom Penh and Camcontrol Branch in Phnom Penh, with the cooperation of Laboratory and Market Commission Officers on 23rd May.


Next month (June), Cambodia hosts the...
khNext month (June), Cambodia hosts the 43rd ASEAN Youth Swimming Championship
(Phnom Penh): On June 28 to 30, 2019, Cambodia will host the 43rd Southeast Asian Youth Swimming Championships.


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