William Barr: Five questions for US attorney general

Attorney General William Barr faced a grilling on the Mueller report when went to Capitol Hill.

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William Barr ​: ​សំណួរ​ចំនួន​ប្រាំ​សម្រាប់​អគ្គ​រដ្ឋអាជ្ញា​អាមេរិក​អគ្គ​មេធាវី​លោក​វីលៀម​បារ៍​បាន​ប្រឈមមុខ​នឹង​ការដុត​នំ​នៅលើ​របាយការណ៍​ Mueller ​នៅ​ពេល​ដែល​បាន​ទៅកាន់​ភ្នំ​កាពីតូល​។

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Mueller report: Eight things we only just learned
The inquiry paints a picture of the president's conduct that provides ammunition for either side of the political divide.
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While You Were Offline: President Trump Is Suing Banks NowWhile You Were Offline: President Trump Is Suing Banks Now
The president, his family, and company are trying to stop the banks from responding to congressional subpoenas.
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Trump: Mueller Should Not Testify on...
Trump: Mueller Should Not Testify on Russia Probe
President says on Twitter that Democrats in Congress were seeking a 'redo' of special counsel's report, which declined to conclude whether the president's efforts to impede the investigation constituted obstruction of justice

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Trump calls Putin and talks of...
Trump calls Putin and talks of 'Russian hoax'
The two agreed there was "no collusion" between the Trump campaign and Russia, said the White House.

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Is Barr Trump's Defense Lawyer?
Is Barr Trump's Defense Lawyer?
Nearly three months into his second tenure at helm of Justice Department, Barr finds himself in a hornet's nest he once sought to avoid

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Democrats Threaten Contempt for Barr...
Democrats Threaten Contempt for Barr Over Mueller Report
House Judiciary Committee is threatening to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress if he does not comply with a new Monday deadline for special counsel Robert Mueller's full, unredacted report and some underlying materials

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Trump, House Democrats Escalate Power...
Trump, House Democrats Escalate Power Struggle
Legal and verbal warfare is exploding between the executive and legislative branches of the US government

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Nadler: Attorney General Barr's...
Nadler: Attorney General Barr's 'Moment of Accountability' Coming
House Judiciary Committee chairman ponders next steps after Barr skips hearing appearance Thursday

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Barr Skips House Hearing
Barr Skips House Hearing
Attorney General William Barr plans to skip a House Judiciary hearing Thursday on special counsel Robert Mueller’s report , escalating an already acrimonious battle between Democrats and the Justice Department

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Several Congressional Panels...
Several Congressional Panels Investigating Trump
The president is refusing to cooperate with all inquiries, setting up a court fight

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Barr’s Testimony, Mueller’s Letter:...
Barr’s Testimony, Mueller’s Letter: Key Takeaways
It was Attorney General William Barr’s testimony, but Robert Mueller’s words stole the show

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Attorney General Barr Will Not...
Attorney General Barr Will Not Testify Before House on Thursday
Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler of New York had planned to give 41 committee members five minutes each to ask Barr questions and then another 30 minutes for both Democratic and Republican lawyers for the committee to make more inquiries of Barr

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AG Barr Defends Handling of Mueller...
AG Barr Defends Handling of Mueller Report
During Congressional testimony, attorney general Barr rebutted criticism by Democrats that he had misrepresented findings of Muller report

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AG Barr Faces Senate Panel Over...
AG Barr Faces Senate Panel Over Mueller Report
Barr will meet with the Republican-led Senate Judiciary Committee for a session that is expected to last at least three hours

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Barr to Face Mueller Report Questions...
Barr to Face Mueller Report Questions at Senate Hearing
Hearing promises to be dramatic showdown as attorney general defends his actions before Democrats who accuse him of spinning investigation's findings in President Donald Trump's favor

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DOJ Official: Mueller Frustrated With...
DOJ Official: Mueller Frustrated With Barr Over Portrayal of Findings
Justice Department official says special counsel Robert Mueller expressed concern to Attorney General William Barr about how findings of his Russia investigation were being portrayed

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Democrats Vow to Enforce Subpoenas as...
Democrats Vow to Enforce Subpoenas as Trump Resistance Grows
Trump has filed a lawsuit against Deutsche Bank and Capital One to thwart congressional subpoenas into his financial and business dealings

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Trump’s World Still Faces 16 Known...
Trump’s World Still Faces 16 Known Criminal Probes
Mueller is done and Rosenstein is on his way out the door, but federal and state authorities around the country are still investigating the president and those in his orbit.

wired.com2 months

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Justice department to hand some...
Justice department to hand some Mueller evidence to House
The US justice department agrees to hand over some underlying evidence from the investigation.


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Trump Honors War Dead — but First a Word About Mueller and Pelosi
The president lay into the special counsel and the speaker of the House with the grave of D-Day casualities as a backdrop.


US House Judiciary Committee to Hold...
US House Judiciary Committee to Hold June 10 Hearing on Mueller Report
Committee will hear testimony from former U.S. attorneys and legal experts, including John Dean, a Trump critic and former White House counsel to President Richard Nixon who served year in prison in connection with Watergate scandal


Trump assails 'totally conflicted'...
Trump assails 'totally conflicted' Robert Mueller
The US president launches a fierce personal attack on the special counsel in the Russia inquiry.


US special prosecutor: The accusation...
US special prosecutor: The accusation of Donald Tram for felonies is not an optionkh
US special prosecutor Robert Mueller said that President Donald Trump's accusation of felonies was not an option, and he said this in his first comment on an investigation into the crime.


The special prosecutor, who used to...
The special prosecutor, who used to make him sobered, made publickh
Robert Mueller, special prosecutor responsible for investigating Russia's skeptics, joins the US presidential election for Donald Tram


Trump Russia investigation: Robert...
Trump Russia investigation: Robert Mueller's first public statement in full
This is the Special Counsel's first public statement on his investigation into the presidential campaign.


Pelosi: Trump Wants to Be Impeached
Pelosi: Trump Wants to Be Impeached
President calls Dems the 'do-nothing party'; Pelosi says Trump wants to be impeached

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