Six charts that show how hard US sanctions have hit Iran

Iran's leaders have stayed defiant in the face of the sanctions, but their substantial impact is clear.

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What US sanctions on Iran's oil industry might mean for you - and why they matter.
US Secretary of State Pompeo visits Iraq amid Iran tensions
The visit, which lasted four hours, comes as the US deployed B-52 bombers to the Gulf.
Trump’s Favored Sanctions Meet...
Trump’s Favored Sanctions Meet Resistance
Analysts say coercive measures have not produced their intended results


US Ending Iranian Oil Sanctions Waivers
US Ending Iranian Oil Sanctions Waivers
The latest move is part of the Trump administration’s push to pressure Iran’s government, while Iran says the US will fail


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Let's see how Iran can break US...
khLet's see how Iran can break US targets in the Middle East
Iran may deploy thousands of anti-aircraft missiles, cruise missiles, and jihadist militias across the Middle East


The United States says the measures...
khThe United States says the measures that have been taken to increase US military presence in the Middle East have deterred Iran.
US Defense Secretary Pat Shanahan said the measures taken to boost the US military presence in the Middle East have made it difficult for the United States and the United States.


US points to Iran over oil tanker...
khUS points to Iran over oil tanker attack in Persian Gulf but reduces threats
Donald Tram administration accused on Tuesday that it is "absolutely possible" that Iran


The car is waiting for a long range...
khThe car is waiting for a long range to gasoline in Venezuela as US sanctions begin to impact
US sanctions on oil-rich Venezuela seem to be affecting linear alignment.


Hundreds of businesspeople...
khHundreds of businesspeople participate in the DPRK trade show, despite sanctions
Analysts said Tuesday that the International Trade Fair in the DPRK this week could be the biggest event in history, with the


Iranian threats 'put on hold', says...
Iranian threats 'put on hold', says US defence chief
Acting US defence secretary says US actions have halted potential attacks, without giving details.


U.S. Officials Say Military Moves to...
U.S. Officials Say Military Moves to Deter Iran Are Working
Lawmakers are divided ahead of intelligence briefings on Capitol Hill focused on rising tensions with Iran and America’s deployments to the Middle East.


Classified Iran Briefings Fail to...
Classified Iran Briefings Fail to Unite US Lawmakers on Threats, Response
U.S. lawmakers expressed diverging opinions on the threat level posed by Iran after classified briefings were presented by President Donald Trump's national security team


Iraq is preparing to send senior...
khIraq is preparing to send senior representatives to Iran and the United States, as it does not want to have a war ...
Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said Tuesday that the country will send representatives to Iran and the United States simultaneously to ease the escalating tensions in the war.


Spanish Oil Giant Winds Down...
Spanish Oil Giant Winds Down Operations in Venezuela
US sanctions force drastic reduction in investment in troubled country


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