Tech stocks tumble as China retaliates in latest salvo of the trade war

Shares of technology companies were hit hard as China retaliated against the U.S. in the latest salvo of the ongoing trade war between the two countries. The S&P 500 Index shed roughly $1.1 trillion of value while the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the

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China Imposes Tariffs on $60 Billion in US Exports
Beijing retaliates after President Trump slapped higher levies on Chinese goods sent to US
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China hits back in trade war with US
China says it will impose new tariffs on some US imports from 1 June, extending a mutual trade war.
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US Expects China Tariff Retaliation
16 worldUS Expects China Tariff Retaliation
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says: 'Both sides will suffer'

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Trump to China: Trade Deal Now, or...
33 worldTrump to China: Trade Deal Now, or ‘Far Worse’ After 2020
President takes to Twitter after trade talks between the US and China ended Friday without a deal

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Trade Standoff May Be Initial...
309 worldTrade Standoff May Be Initial Skirmish in Broader U.S.-China Economic War
The United States is wary of China’s growing role in the global economy and its tactics for getting ahead. China sees some of the demands as infringing on its sovereignty.

nytimes.com2 months

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