Uber had an abysmal second day of trading

It’s not looking great for ride-hailing giant Uber (NYSE: UBER). Today, Uber closed its second day of trading down more than 18.8% from its IPO price at $37.25 per share, with a market cap of $62.2 billion. Uber, which was previously valued at $72 billion


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​យូប៊ើរ​មាន​ថ្ងៃ​ជួញដូរ​ទី​ពីរ​វា​មិន​សូវ​ល្អ​ទេ​សម្រាប់​ Uber ​យក្ស ​(​ NYSE ​:​ UBER ​) ​។

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Outpacing the New York Stock Exchange’s losses on another rocky day of trading, Uber’s disappointing IPO is becoming disastrous, falling an additional 10.8 percent in its second day as a public company.

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