Deepening US-Chinese Trade War Sparks Unease on Capitol Hill

Concern prevails on Capitol Hill after China retaliated against new round of American tariffs by hiking duties on U.S.-made goods

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China Imposes Tariffs on $60 Billion in US Exports
Beijing retaliates after President Trump slapped higher levies on Chinese goods sent to US
China hits back in trade war with US
China says it will impose new tariffs on some US imports from 1 June, extending a mutual trade war.
US-China trade war: Your questions...
US-China trade war: Your questions answered
We answer some of the question you posed about the US-China trade war.


Trump says US is 'where we want to...
Trump says US is 'where we want to be' on China trade talks
Mr Trump's comments come after his top economic adviser said "both sides will suffer" from tariff hikes.


US Expects China Tariff Retaliation
US Expects China Tariff Retaliation
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow says: 'Both sides will suffer'


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Tram plays with a lot of gambling...
khTram plays with a lot of gambling with Abe, as trade dispute with China warms up
US President Donald Tram has been playing basketball with Japan's Prime Minister Atsin Shu, while trade disputes with China are heating up after the US unveils Huawei into its blacklist.


Businesses Face Blurring Impact Of...
khBusinesses Face Blurring Impact Of US-China Trade Stopped 26, May 2019, 7:59 pm
While the United States and China continue trade tensions that expand from patent disputes and market rivalries


To Japan, he immediately triggered...
khTo Japan, he immediately triggered trade inequality
State visit, where the owner of the perfect hosting protocol was not yet started, Donald Trump cries out.


Trump Begins State Visit to Japan
Trump Begins State Visit to Japan
Although talk about trade is expected, ceremonial, sporting events dominate president’s agenda


Huawei: ARM memo tells staff to stop...
Huawei: ARM memo tells staff to stop working with China’s tech giant
Chinese company is dealt an "insurmountable" blow as chip designer says it must comply with US trade ban.


US-China trade war: Shoe giants urge...
US-China trade war: Shoe giants urge Trump to end tariffs
Nike and Adidas are among 173 firms who say higher tariffs are "catastrophic" for consumers.


Trump says Huawei could be part of...
Trump says Huawei could be part of trade deal
Huawei could feature in a US-China trade pact despite being "very dangerous", says the US president.


Trump 'Honored' to Provide US Farmers...
Trump 'Honored' to Provide US Farmers with $16 Billion in Aid
Money to help farmers hurt by trade war with China


Trump: Huawei can be included in a...
khTrump: Huawei can be included in a trade agreement
Washington: US President Donald Trump said Huawei could be part of a US-China trade deal,


Soak up to conclude trade agreement...
khSoak up to conclude trade agreement with China
United States: Donald Trump confirmed on May 23 that he still believed in the early signing of the agreement.

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