The First 20 Minutes of Rage 2 Gameplay - 4K

Check out the explosive opening moments of Rage 2, the newest first-person shooter from id Software and Avalanche Studios.

(Translated) 20 ​នាទី​ដំបូង​នៃ​ Rage 2 Gameplay ​-​ 4 K ​ពិនិត្យមើល​ឱកាស​បើក​ផ្ទុះ​របស់​ Rage 2 ​ដែល​ជា​កាមេរ៉ា​ដំបូង​បំផុត​របស់​មនុស្ស​ដំបូង​គេ​បង្អស់​មកពី​ id Software ​និង​ Avalanche Studios ​។

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