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GTA 5 ​បាន​លក់​ជិត​ 110 ​លាន​ច្បាប់​​ហើយ​ GTA Online ​នៅតែ​បន្ត​លើស​ពី​ការរំពឹងទុក​។

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Engadget 'Red Dead Online' is growing faster than 'GTA Online'
'Red Dead Online' is outpacing its 'GTA' predecessor, but whether or not that holds isn't clear.
Red Dead Redemption 2 Sales Slowing Down As Online Mode Leaving Beta Soon
Rockstar's open-world western on PS4 and Xbox One is seeing sales slow down; Red Dead Online will exit beta soon.

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Some Of EVE Online's Most Powerful...
Some Of EVE Online's Most Powerful Groups Are Heading For War
EVE Online is infamous for many things: scams that leave their victims devastated, player-created empires that span the stars, and perhaps most for war. The wars of EVE involve thousands of players across the globe, all focused on singular goals. The nex


DC Universe Online is Coming to the...
DC Universe Online is Coming to the Nintendo Switch
In a CBR exclusive, DCUO creative director SJ Mueller discusses the game's expansion, growth and newest move to the Nintendo Switch.


Esports Life Tycoon Teaser Trailer...
Esports Life Tycoon Teaser Trailer Revealed
Summer is almost here. It is time for holidays, for long days at the beach, for relaxing with friends… and it is also a perfect time to conquer the world of esports, right? U-Play Online and Raiser Games are happy to announce that Esports Life Tycoon will


Best cheap cars in GTA 5 Online
Best cheap cars in GTA 5 Online
The best vehicles you can buy within a $2 million budget in GTA Online, based on our expert's advice.


DC Universe Online swooping onto...
DC Universe Online swooping onto Nintendo Switch this summer
IT'S DUH BAT!Some eight years since its original release, DC Comics' MMO title DC Universe Online is still going strong. Having first launched in 2011 on PC and PlayStation 3, Bats and co. would make the move to PS4 and Xbox One in recent years, and is no


Prove your innocence by robbing...
Prove your innocence by robbing houses and shooting cops in American Fugitive
Inspired by the original GTA games, the hero of this top-down action shooter isn't exactly Richard Kimble.


Nintendo Download: Sword Art Online:...
Nintendo Download: Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization
Also, Gunlord XToday is another mostly indie-filled day for the eShop, as we prepare for E3.The big one this week is Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization which originally came out in 2016 as the fourth game in the SAO video game series. Also out this week


American Fugitive - NS Review - n3rdabl3
American Fugitive - NS Review - n3rdabl3
Overall, American Fugitive scratches that old school GTA itch whilst also providing something new to sink your nails into. While the AI and driving mechanics could do with a bit of tweaking, the game is an overall enjoyable experience with the thieving me


HBO Boss Responds to Game of Thrones...
HBO Boss Responds to Game of Thrones Finale Backlash
HBO programming president Casey Bloys has responded to the fan backlash surrounding the Game of Thrones series finale, saying you have to take the online reaction “with a grain of salt."


Why making the Final Fantasy VII...
Why making the Final Fantasy VII Remake episodic is the right move
GR: 'Square Enix recently reintroduced the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake with a new trailer at Sony’s latest State of Play presentation. The reaction online has been largely positive, as it manages to conjure up the same wondrous excitement as the Pla


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