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Came to know the most Premier League players in historyIn 27 years of the Premier League

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Premier League quiz: How well do you remember the key stats from 2018-19?
How well do you remember some of the key statistics and records to emerge from the past Premier League season?
Man City win Premier League 2 seasons...
khMan City win Premier League 2 seasons after beating Brighton 4-1 (Video Inside)
Manchester City continue to win the Premier League title in 2019 after a one-year suspension of 2018, after winning the last three by winning the Brighton & Hove Albion in London.


The winner of the Premier League...
khThe winner of the Premier League Golden Boot this season is three, with 22 goals
Three top strikers including Arsenal's Arsenal's Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Mohamed Salah and Liverpool's Sadio Mane all won the Premier League in the Premier League this season.


Watch the thrilling view of...
khWatch the thrilling view of Manchester City's Premier League glory (video)
Manchester City have again become champions of the English Premier League this season after beating Brighton at the AMEX Stadium, but this is the fourth time in the history of Manchester City.


Celebrate Manchester City in the...
khCelebrate Manchester City in the Premier League for two consecutive years
Manchester City have been Premier League clubs for the first time since 2009 after finishing at home to Brighton at Amex Stadium.


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Mkhitaryan is out of the Europa...
khMkhitaryan is out of the Europa League due to safety
Arsenal midfielder Henrikh Mkhitaryan (Micki) of Arsenal will not play in the Europa League final against Torres.


Know the age of the manager of the...
khKnow the age of the manager of the six major clubs in the PL
The following is the true age of manager of major Premier League clubs in the 2018/19 season:

Very strong ! A Cambodian player wins...
khVery strong ! A Cambodian player wins the WBA Championship
One of the great milestones of Cambodian professional boxing, with one of Cambodia's players,

Ronaldo will receive a summons to...
khRonaldo will receive a summons to face the "rape"
Cristiano Ronaldo will face an appeal against repeated rape after Kathryn Mayorga's attorney has set up his address in Italy.


Muang thong asks the Football...
khMuang thong asks the Football Federation of Thailand to remove all players from the national team
Recently, Muangthong United submitted a proposal to the Football Federation of Thailand to ask for a player

Vichara set to head to the top Thai...
khVichara set to head to the top Thai league
The Vesak club has been playing international matches with some professional clubs in Thailand for two weeks during the end of the month.

Punjab is determined to win the...
khPunjab is determined to win the throne, and Suzanne hopes to revenge Eang Lai
Photograph: Sreng Meng Srun / Phnom Penh Post Preah Khan Reach's Puy Vannak has stepped up his determination to find an international friendly win when he touches Thailand


Pep Guardiola will come to Juventus...
khPep Guardiola will come to Juventus after signing for a four-year contract worth £ 24 million per season.
Italian media reported recently this week that Spain coach Pep Guardiola, who has just secured the English Premier League title with two more domestic titles, agreed to sign a four-year deal with the Italian giants.


Bang Ka-ja climbs up on Thai...
khBang Ka-ja climbs up on Thai heavyweight champion Max Mouy Thai
After defeating his successor, Yem Sokha (Bang Kachai) has the biggest boxing match in Thailand, Max Mouy Thai, to compete in the ring in the country.

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