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Engadget ​ដំណើរកម្សាន្ត​ Google ​មាន​ឧបករណ៍​ដែល​អ្នក​ត្រូវការ​ដើម្បី​រៀបចំ​វិស្សមកាល​នៅលើ​អ៊ីនធឺណិត​។

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Google makes travel planning easier
Google today announced a major revamp of its travel planning tools on the web. After launching a similar set of tools on mobile last year, the company today announced that on the web will now let you see information about all of your pre

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Huawei is negotiating with Aptoide to...
khHuawei is negotiating with Aptoide to replace the Google Play Store
The US-China trade warfare seems to continue to warm up so far that China's giant tech giant Huawei has suffered serious injuries after US companies have imposed sanctions on Huawei.


Huawei strengthens a Portuguese...
khHuawei strengthens a Portuguese company to support Google's Play Store
US companies leave 90 days for Huawei to come to negotiations or to end with negative answers after ....

Huawei could survive without Android,...
Huawei could survive without Android, but not very well
Commentary: China may not need Google, but Huawei does.


Huawei: "The US is bullying us, our...
khHuawei: "The US is bullying us, our two sides will suffer the most painful after 90 days without success"
After Huawei's ban on Huawei products and its affiliates, Abraham Liu, a representative of the company in the European Union, called on the US government to say that its act was a serious threat, despite the ban.


China may not need Google, but Huawei...
China may not need Google, but Huawei does
Commentary: Huawei can technically survive without Android, but probably not very well.


HongMeng OS has a notable Tizen /...
khHongMeng OS has a notable Tizen / Windows Phone traction
Responding to the problem that US companies are blocking Huawei from receiving supplies.

			Many Google...
Engadget Many Google Duplex calls are from real people instead of AI
Google Duplex still isn't completely ready to book your reservations -- a significant percentage of calls are handled by humans.


Engadget Focals smart glasses put Google Fit data on your face
Track your runs or view presentation notes with your smartglasses.


Big Tech: Breaking Us Up Will Only...
Big Tech: Breaking Us Up Will Only Help China
Amid escalating tension with China, executives at Google and Facebook argue that tough regulations against tech will hurt US competitiveness.


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