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A view of the celebrated wedding ceremony, singer Ok Sokunthea, this morningCambodia's leading singer Ok Sokun Kanha has been with her ...

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khA rare view of Sok An's noble wedding at Sokha Hotel this morning
sabay has got the right to capture the beautiful look of the newlyweds ...
khPretty nice ! Og Sokun Kanha's wedding morning
Phnom Penh: This morning is the wedding day of singer Raksmey Hang Meas, Ok Sokun Kanha, who held at the 5-star hotel, however, at this magnificent wedding, Khmerload team went to the cinema
Celebrity celebrities attending...
khCelebrity celebrities attending wedding at Oak Sokun Kanha this morning !
Phnom Penh: An entertaining wedding of the mighty singer Ok Sokun Kanha is being held this morning, with many colleagues and distinguished guests flocking beautifully and handsome.


Haircut Before A Day Ok Sokun Kanha...
khHaircut Before A Day Ok Sokun Kanha was suddenly made to the surprise. (Video)
On the evening of May 15, 2019, the wedding of singer-songwriter Ok Sokunthea and Mr. Eung Sokly, known as Thmey Hang Meas's brother, began with the ceremony.

View a great view of the wedding...
khView a great view of the wedding ceremony of Oklahun Kanha and Oeng Sokly this evening.
The wedding program of Cambodian singers, Ok Sokhonn Kirth and Huong Sokly, brother of Hang Meas Production Company, started with the evening of May 15, 2019, a charming and peaceful ceremony.

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Ok Sokun Kanha: To be able to survive...
khOk Sokun Kanha: To be able to survive today, we have gone through a lot of trouble and ...
A lot of people really know the wedding of singer Ok Sokunthea with Ung Sok Ly, which was held on May 16, 2019, with a lot of fun.


As a young child, but heroes are...
khAs a young child, but heroes are cheerful, they do not have much to do with neighboring stars.
Phnom Penh: It can be said that the popularity of singer-songwriter Sundaraveg Vornakorn's day-to-day experience has gained tremendous support from her lyrics, both emotional and truism.


Popular actors are expected to serve...
khPopular actors are expected to serve as soldiers next year
When it comes to age 28, it's time for Korean singers as well as Korean male actors to be suspended from the artwork to enter military duties in accordance with the country's laws.


Gotta give the wish for Sokun Kanha...
khGotta give the wish for Sokun Kanha to have twin boys
Photograph: Vireak Mai / Phnom Penh Post While top comedian Ou Bunnarith calls Krom the next wife, Srey Leap, a comedian, comedian and twin daughter


Chon Sovan Reach: Fired up on...
khChon Sovan Reach: Fired up on Facebook not coming back on stage ... (video)
On the 15th and 16th of May, 2019, recently, a large audience has already known that the wedding day of renowned renowned Rasmei Hang Meas is Ok Sokun Kanha with Ung Sokly


You hate the Tep Bopha, you can see...
khYou hate the Tep Bopha, you can see it after a fenguin breaks her true character
Phnom Penh: It is now possible to say that the young singer for Raksmey Hang Meas Production, Tep Vop Porch, is getting a lot of support from its fans, especially when it comes to youths' strong support.


Russian actress Sonny does not make...
khRussian actress Sonny does not make her third runner in life
Despite being a Russian hybrid, Sonny also has Khmer blood, he believes in not losing faith in Khmer people.

Less unknown ! These pretty girls are...
khLess unknown ! These pretty girls are the most famous members of the group right now
South Korea: It's not unusual for any female celebrity to be more prominent than any other member of the group, as each of them has received the same training as well.


The chief tells the reason why he...
khThe chief tells the reason why he took twins to come to the wedding because he wanted the bride and groom to have twins like him, then Sok Sok Kanha said ... (video)
A lot of fans already know about the wedding day of Singer Sokun Kanha, which took place on May 16, 2019, just recently, under the beautiful scenery in everyone's suit.


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