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After the official election result, violence followedThe opposition protested against protests and protests

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khEmbassies, companies, and businesses were forced to temporarily shut down the gates of Jakarta in the face of an...
As the protests broke out against the official results of Indonesian elections, embassies and businesses, and many public transportation terminals were temporarily closed on Wednesday in the Jakarta capital, Jakarta.
khIndonesia: Six dead and more than 200 wounded in violent protests against election results
Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan said six people had been killed and more than 200 were injured in violent demonstrations that took place after the official election results in the country.
Indonesian police have arrested at...
Indonesian police have arrested at least 20 people in post-election violencekh
Indonesian police have arrested at least 20 people for alleged incitement charges, a police spokesman said Wednesday.

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Indonesia, 20 people in protests...
Indonesia, 20 people in protests opposed election resultskh
Indonesian police have arrested at least 20 people accused of inciting riots in Jakarta

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Indonesian police fired tear gas and...
Indonesian police fired tear gas and arrested 20 protesters in anti-election protestskh
Jakarta police on Wednesday decided to tear gas to disperse protesters in central Jakarta against election results, indicating that Joko Widodo was re-elected in the second mandate

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Indonesia uses tear gas to disperse...
Indonesia uses tear gas to disperse demonstrations that do not accept election resultskh
Indonesian police on Wednesday morning used haze to disperse rallies in central Jakarta,

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Widodo is looking at the presidential...
Widodo is looking at the presidential seat for the second mandate, but Subedi Yongo says he does not sit downkh
In Indonesia, the National Election Commission (NEC), which announces the official results on Wednesday, 22 May, announced at midnight

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As Indonesia's presidential candidate...
As Indonesia's presidential candidate nominated its second mandate, his rival claims to disagree with the election results and is prepared to appeal to the courtkh
Indonesian Presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto has dismissed the official results of the election, indicating that current Indonesian President Joko Widodo has continued to be elected for the second mandate and will apply for a second term.

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Indonesian Presidential election:...
Indonesian Presidential election: Winrod wins the election to lead another five years 21, May 2019, 9:09 amkh
Finally, Joko Widodo could still beat rival Brabawo, Sibouno and continue to lead Indonesia for another five years.

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Official voting results: Joko Widodo...
Official voting results: Joko Widodo is elected for a second term in Indonesiakh
Joko Widodo won in the April 17 elections, which means he will continue to hold the presidency of Indonesia for a seat in parliament.

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Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has...
Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has been elected to a second term in officekh
The Indonesian Electoral Commission has announced the results

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Joko Widodo wins second term as...
Joko Widodo wins second term as president of Indonesiakh
Indonesia's Joko Widodo won another mandate as president of the country's largest democracy, official results showed on Tuesday.

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Widodo continues to hold the post of...
Widodo continues to hold the post of President of Indonesiakh
Indonesia's President Joko Widodo has been elected President of Indonesia for the second consecutive second term after last month's election.

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Indonesia mobilizes security forces...
Indonesia mobilizes security forces ready to proclaim presidential election results 20, May 2019, 9:39 pmkh
Indonesia has mobilized a number of police forces to Jakarta to prepare for security during the announcement of the official results of the presidential election.

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