Donald Trump calls Mayor of London Sadiq Khan a 'stone cold loser'

A spokesman for Sadiq Khan said the "childish insults should be beneath the US President".

(Translated) ​លោក​ Donald Trump ​បាន​អំពាវនាវ​អភិបាល​ក្រុង​ឡុងដ៍​ Sadiq Khan ​ថា​ជា​អ្នក​ចាញ់​កាំភ្លើង​ដុំ​ថ្ម​ ​អ្នកនាំពាក្យ​ម្នាក់​របស់​លោក​ Sadiq Khan ​បាន​និយាយ​ថា​ការប្រមាថ​កូនក្មេង​គួរតែ​ស្ថិត​នៅក្រោម​ប្រធានាធិបតី​អាមេរិច​។

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Lorraine Dimmock commented
3 months ago

It's a disgrace Sadiq Khan behaving to an American president, he's total embarrassment 😡

Alex Webster commented
3 months ago

Funny how when the US President Barack Obama first started the ban on certain countries Mayor Khan said nothing..... Funny that.

Paul Marquardt commented
3 months ago

Where do we get a blimp??

Dwayne J Morawa commented
3 months ago

Trump is imperfect and I don't care for the guy but he really is trying to help fix a corrupt government. If foreigners really knew how our government in some states are preventing our law enforcement from doing their jobs as mandated. Trump is no sissy and wants America to be able to continue to help others. If we become a country like France or England even Germany where we are paying their military payrolls. Sad but true..

Phil Corbett-Butler commented
3 months ago

Lies. Khan never gave permission to fly a blimp of himself. He raged and whined about it. Moral of the story. Your journalism is BS... again

Natalia Cole-Przybylski commented
3 months ago

Embarrassing that a president use that language... OMG

Sonia Marina Faustino commented
3 months ago

How is possible a person like this be on power of a country

Dwayne J Morawa commented
3 months ago

If you look many people don't like Khan either. Over 10 million tweets on this favoring Trump vs Khan.

Jamie Wagstaff commented
3 months ago

It's kind of true to be fair, Sadiq Khan is failing miserably and should probably focus on his own job before criticising others

Zayoun Ibrahim Basma commented
3 months ago

Crimes in London are a result of American gun and gang culture .

Crash Smith commented
3 months ago

But London crime is really bad and khan says its not a big issue

Paul Reilly commented
3 months ago

I would also like to say I am surprised but I am not that in neither this piece or the news at ten no mention about the fact that in a newspaper this morning Khan referred to trump as a 20th century fascist, what reaction did he expect, the exact reaction he got no doubt, another attempt to raise his very shaky profile, biased bbc yet again.

Margaret Squires commented
3 months ago

Parliament has divided comunities in this country not Donald Trump.

Hashamoon Khan commented
3 months ago

Focus on crime in USA.

Chris Hill commented
3 months ago

And he's totally correct. 👌

Mike Jorge Rollings III commented
3 months ago

It's funny because it's TRUE 🤣😂

Kevin Sayers commented
3 months ago

Their both bloody losers

Cain Nunez commented
3 months ago

Where is the lie?

Jeff Green commented
3 months ago


Sean E. Deering commented
3 months ago

...? WHAT? Donald Trump, YOU are proving to be quite the imbecile. YOU are proving to be the stone cold loser. YOU are proving how to divide a country. YOU are proving who wears the asshat 😐 YOU

Ron Rowland commented
3 months ago

Khan is a loser. They should have gotten rid of him a LONG TIME AGO! Bad for Britain, bad for the Monarchy.

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