Canada complicit in 'race-based genocide' of indigenous women

Canada is complicit in a "race-based genocide" against indigenous women, a government inquiry finds.

(Translated) ​ប្រទេស​កាណាដា​បាន​ចូលរួម​ក្នុង​ ​"​ការប្រល័យ​ពូជសាសន៍​ផ្អែក​លើ​ពូជសាសន៍​" ​របស់​ស្ត្រី​ជនជាតិ​ដើម​ភាគ​តិច​ ការស៊ើបអង្កេត​របស់​រដ្ឋាភិបាល​បាន​រកឃើញ​ថា​ប្រទេស​កាណាដា​មាន​ភាពស្មុគស្មាញ​នៅក្នុង​ ​"​ការប្រល័យ​ពូជសាសន៍​ផ្អែក​លើ​ពូជសាសន៍​" ​ប្រឆាំង​នឹង​ស្ត្រី​ជនជាតិ​ដើម​ភាគ​តិច​។

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Ana Fernandes commented
3 months ago

Finally . the day will come to recognized the true Canadians . All that beautiful culture must not go forgotten .x

Scotty McDonell commented
3 months ago

We'll see. So many words, so many truths, so many promises, so many solutions, so few actions. We'll see....

Aleksandra Danicic commented
3 months ago

If roughly 60,000 white women were missing or murdered this conversation would be VERY different. For some reason, people commenting here still feel compelled to spew their racist nonsense. It's time to own up to the atrocities that have been committed. No amount of whitewashing history will erase this horrific legacy

Jeremy Sabourin commented
3 months ago

Over 70% of the women killed where murdered by their spouse or family Please explain how one native killing another native is race based genocide

Michael Melanson commented
3 months ago

The accusation of a Canadian genocide is blood libel writ large. The Prime Minister is a jackass for not denouncing this hateful rhetoric. The world doesn’t need a rhetorical genocide that has no chance of ever resulting in prosecution.

Andy Rondeau commented
3 months ago

Actually reading the report tells another story entirely, not that the BBC would be interested in the actual truth. #BBC #FakeNews

Jean Slater commented
3 months ago

What a crock! This is a commercial . I hope her product does well but does she really have to stop to cheap advertizing? What a out princes Markle, you k ow, prince Harry's wife. She has created the sa.e product. Fake news.

Kagee Flowers commented
3 months ago

I don’t trust anyone in authority anymore until they’ve earned it. Case in point, the 2014 mmaw report. Minister of aboriginal affairs at the time Valcourt and rcmp commissioner Armstrong both said that mmaw was purely a result of aboriginal males killing aboriginal females on reserve. Saying that it’s a reserve problem and aboriginal men should learn how to treat there spouse better. Although I agree partially with that statement, and the aboriginal community is rectifying that aspect of mmaw. But, there is s big part of mmaw missing, not talked about, actually hidden. And that’s off reserve suburban men cruising the inner city streets looking for victims to prey on. I just have to look out my front door to see that. I did a paper in school on that awhile ago, which I used google to help. I found in every major city in Canada, a serial killer or killers convicted for preying on aboriginal women. All men from the suburbs( which implies white men) Crawford in Saskatoon. Picton in B.C lamb in Winnipeg. One in Regina and another in Edmonton ( can’t recall there names) all serial killers convicted for killing aboriginal women. So Bernard Valcourt and rcmp commissioner Armstrong had to have known this when they went public to blame aboriginal men. That in itself is a crime and they should be charged for criminal negligence or even abetting. Not only that, they purposely fooled the public , case in point below Jeremy Sabourin.


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