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13d ago

Jang Gang, nearly two months pregnant with Kim Jong-un appeared after news that he had been punishedKim Jong-un's sister disappeared from the media

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One-Year Anniversary Meeting in...
khOne-Year Anniversary Meeting in Singapore ! Donald Tram Receives "Emotional" Mail from Kim Jong-Un
(Washington): US President Donald Trump has claimed that he has received a warm courtesy from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, while expecting a third meeting between the two could be


Donald Trump: He never gave CIA to...
khDonald Trump: He never gave CIA to Kim's brother to spit.
US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he did not agree with the US Intelligence Agency (CIA)


Report: The other brother, Kim...
khReport: The other brother, Kim Jong-un, is a CIA spy
North Korea: The Korean newspaper Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday that Kim Jong-nam, the niece of the DPRK leader,


Kim Jong Nam, brother and sister,...
khKim Jong Nam, brother and sister, North Korean leader is a CIA spy
NEW YORK: The Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that Kim Jong Nam was the mother of the Korean leader.


Trump: He received a letter from the...
khTrump: He received a letter from the DPRK leader
Washington: US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that he had received a good letter from Kim Jong-un, the top leader of the United States.


Mr. Moon: I believe the third triumph...
khMr. Moon: I believe the third triumph of war is coming soon.
South Korea's president, Moon Geun, expressed optimism that the third summit between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un will take place in the near future.


North Korea celebrates Mass Games but...
khNorth Korea celebrates Mass Games but Kim is not interested
North Korea: Tens of thousands of performers in Pyongyang attended North Korea's Mass Games event for 2019 but the performance


Kim Jong Un's powerful sister appears...
khKim Jong Un's powerful sister appears at the sporting event
The powerful sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un made her first public appearance in more than 50 days


North Korea's top official appears to...
khNorth Korea's top official appears to be re-emerging after five of its subordinates have been executed
(Seoul): A senior North Korean official who was reportedly cleared after a meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Vietnam failed to appear at the show.


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