Joe Biden: Can Obama's vice-president stay the Democratic frontrunner?

The frontrunner says a message of conciliation and unity can win during a time of anger and division.

(Translated) Joe Biden ​: ​តើ​អនុ​ប្រធានាធិបតី​របស់​លោក​អូបាម៉ា​នៅតែ​អាច​ឈរ​នៅ​សមរភូមិ​ប្រជាធិបតេយ្យ​បាន​ទេ ​អ្នកនាំ​មុខ​និយាយ​ថា​សារ​ការផ្សះផ្សា​និង​សាមគ្គីភាព​អាច​ឈ្នះ​ក្នុង​អំឡុង​ពេល​នៃ​កំហឹង​និង​ការបែងចែក​។

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@ bbc.com3 months ago128921

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Rosanne Licciardi commented
3 months ago

I'm shocked by this bullshit from BBC. I thought you guys were astute? Biden is CLEARLY NOT the people's choice!

Maher Qutob commented
3 months ago

Favorite to whom, American people or AIPAC?

Rosanne Licciardi commented
3 months ago

America was NOT great under Obama!! You disappoint....

Anthony Suarez commented
3 months ago

He's the least radical of all the presidential contenders, but has no substance, no platform like the "others." Whereas President Trump has accomplished most of his Campaign Promises. And with a 2nd Term an even better America. Vote Trump 2020!

Chaz Bennett commented
3 months ago

SANDERS 2020. Sorry BBC, You have Zero Idea.

Mary Ellen Brisley commented
3 months ago

Biden has never done anything for the country. Trump is declassifying the thousands of emails about the attempted coup lead by Obama. I doubt that the x vice president didn't know about it.

Gustavo Fernández commented
3 months ago

What has Biden, the sleepy, done for the US? Nothing...

Cambiz Khosravi commented
3 months ago

To the confused voters and BBC. Fact: Neoliberalism is a way of living where every action of every being is a market transaction, conducted in competition with every other being and influencing every other transaction. In other words, fully support capitalism. In other words, this is what the owners of our economy, the corporate class and their followers benefit from and believe in. Through the MSM, (which they own) we are told and fooled into believing that this is the best way, even though the majority of the people don’t benefit from these kind of policies. So a Neoliberal can be a member of both parties, who share this belief and world view. United above all in their hate for socialism. These people don’t want Sanders, because it’s against everything they stand for. Given that, Biden and Trump are both neoliberals, but Sanders isn’t. So they’ll fool us into a false choices and then we fall into the trap of the lesser of two evils: if you don’t want Trump then your best choice is someone like Biden. Biden will lose and Trump will continue the neoliberal policies that they benefit from. And if Biden wins so will their way of life. Remember, Trump was elected because the voters falsely thought that he would change the neoliberal policies that hurt them. What happened instead is he accelerated those policies even further! Tax cuts for fellow neoliberals and cut backs for the rest! Now the neoliberals want to give us the same but under the guise of change. The only way you get rid of Trump and his kind is to vote for people who have the same belief as Sanders, thereby making it a win for the majority.

Chuck Chuck commented
3 months ago

I didnt know he was a front runner shit theres 20 of em

Jean Slater commented
3 months ago

Ummm. BBC speaking with "foreign accent?"

Georgy Celine commented
3 months ago

Lol?have it

Sadie Nichole commented
3 months ago

He's a paedophile 🤷

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