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CPP spokesman: Former opposition party has eaten 10%, party ruling 90%Phnom Penh: Senior CPP official and Spokesman

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khCeremonies served smoothly as planned
Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Cambodian People's Party (CPP) supporters have set up celebrations across the country.
khKe Kim Yan conducts about 40,000 civil servants and citizens for food
Banteay Meanchey Province: Deputy Prime Minister Ke Kim Yan, Head of the Working Group for Banteay Meanchey in the evening of June 9, 2019, led Banteay Meanchey province's officials.
Authorities in Hue Province provide...
Authorities in Hue Province provide food to local peoplekh
Sun, 09 June 2019 07:32 PM By: Sok Hay, Pailin Province: Pailin authorities in the morning of June 9, 2019 invited to eat with their pies.

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Samdech Techo: We eat today's cake to...
Samdech Techo: We eat today's cake to celebrate the "National Chefs"kh
Prime Minister Samdech Techo Hun Sen confirmed that we ate cookies month1

Proponents of the ruling party and...
Proponents of the ruling party and former opposition parties fed on the same day, but not sign of negotiationkh
As planned, ruling party supporters and former opposition parties gathered to celebrate separate burials.

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Nearly 2,000 workers and citizens...
Nearly 2,000 workers and citizens participate in "donation" at Wat Chumpouvorn 09, Jun 2019, 11:49 amkh
Phnom Penh Capital City and Phnom Penh municipal authorities have prepared a bakery with the workers,

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Samdech Vibol Sandeak Pheakdey Say...
Samdech Vibol Sandeak Pheakdey Say Chhum Drinking Diet to Unite and Unite Cambodiankh
Phnom Penh: Samdech Vibolanaeth Pheakdey Say Chhum, President of the Senate; month

The Ministry of Health is preparing...
politicsThe Ministry of Health is preparing to resettle people across the country in case of poisoning on June 9kh
Ministry of Health informed all health centers and hospitals throughout the country to prepare people for poisoning after 9 June.

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Samdech Techo HUN SEN continues to...
politicsSamdech Techo HUN SEN continues to call for people to eat dumplings
(Phnom Penh): Prime Minister Samdech Akka Moha Sena Padei Techo Hun Sen, Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia, on June 8, 2019, has called on Cambodians to participate in a wide range of dairy products on Sunday, June 9, 2019. Samdech Techo Hun Sen

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The French Communist Party celebrates...
The French Communist Party celebrates the 9th of June on the official cake of the Khmer Food and Consolidationkh
The celebration of the 3rd Anniversary Khmer Cake Banner by 2019 is due to controversy and hardship for local people.

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Samdech Techo HUN SUN: 9 June's...
politicsSamdech Techo HUN SUN: 9 June's history of pastry is not about political negotiationskh
Four days remaining, June 9, 2019, New Year's Diet will bring in anticipation of the participation of so many people throughout the country, but this historical event has to be remembered.

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Ex-opposition leaders urge US to...
Ex-opposition leaders urge US to accelerate sanctions against the ruling partykh
Ex-opposition leaders and supporters gathered in front of the US Government House in Washington DC and demanded a speedy crackdown on the ruling Communist Party (CPP) to help restore democracy in Cambodia.


Recent news breaks a lot! Soprano...
Recent news breaks a lot! Soprano delicately snatches Italy with second round of water (video)kh
Phnom Penh: We know that the Kun Khmer Boxing Competition at CBS Cambodia (CTN, MyTV, CNC), and many other players including Cambodian players Other ethnic groups to compete with Cambodians. Well


Every time a man enters a room, the...
Every time a man enters a room, the two of them use a magic trickkh
Phnom Penh: According to preliminary reports, a man returns from leaving a motorbike in front of a rented room and enters a restaurant. Suddenly, two suspects were arrested for stealing motorcycles


Ruling Party Says Political Stability...
Ruling Party Says Political Stability Threatened by Oppositionkh
The Second Senior Leaders of Phnom Penh Regime Claims Cambodia


ផ្ទុះរឿងលោក​ ជៀល សុផល...
ផ្ទុះរឿងលោក​ ជៀល សុផល នាយសង្កាត់រដ្ឋបាលព្រៃឈើស្រុកត្រពាំងប្រាសាទនិងបក្សពួកពីរនាក់ទៀត ជំរិតទារប្រាក់ពីពលរដ្ឋចំនួនប្រាំសែនរៀលជាថ្នូរនៃការមិនចាប់ចងក្នុងការដឹកឈើមួយគោយន្ត
ឧត្តរមានជ័យ៖ មានសេចក្តីរាយការណ៍មកថា កាលពីព្រឹកថ្ងៃទី១១ ខែកក្កដា ឆ្នាំ២០១៩នេះ លោក ជៀល សុផល និងបក្សឈ្មោះ លាង ពៅ ជាមន្ត្រីនគបាល និងឈ្មោះ អុឹង ហួត មន្ត្រីបរិស្ថានអង្គការក្រៅរដ្ឋាភិបាលបានធ្វើសកម្មភាពស្ទាក់ចាប់យន្តកន្ត្រៃមួយគ្រឿងដែលផ្ទុកឈើប្រភេទស្ពង់ចំនួនជ


Opposition activist in the province...
Opposition activist in the province meeting to celebrate the 3 year anniversary of Dr. Kem Ley under the watchful eyekh
Authorities and authorities in some provinces dressed civilians watch opposition activists and people gathered to celebrate at the three year anniversary of the doctoral honors


Police arrested former supporters of...
Police arrested former supporters of Facebook for inciting hatred against Facebookkh
Phnom Penh: KRONGYA, a former opposition activist who has been arrested several times, including three other youths, has been arrested.


The CNRP protested against the...
The CNRP protested against the persecution of former officials and teacherskh
According to reports, Sun Thun was identified by four unidentified men on Wednesday


Ranariddh continued to persecute the...
Ranariddh continued to persecute the elected elected commune rival of the opposition Razerkh
The CNRP's elected commune chief in Battambang's O'Char district, Sin Chann Pov Rozet, continues to suffer persecution and indictments from the authorities.


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