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Hong Kong: Chinese influence: External influence causes Hong Kong to be in turmoilAbout 1 million Hong Kong residents go on strike every year

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khHong Kong citizens protest to abolish the draft law
Hong Kong: Protesters gathered in Hong Kong on Sunday as angry rallies surrounded them.
Hong Kong leaders do not abolish...
khHong Kong leaders do not abolish extradition laws, despite Hong Kong protests
A Hong Kong-backed Chinese leader on Monday said she did not plan to repeal the law that would allow it.


Tens of thousands marched in Hong...
khTens of thousands marched in Hong Kong to protest Chinese extradition
Hong Kong plunged into a new political crisis late Sunday after more than half a million people were on the streets to


Protesters rally throughout Hong Kong...
khProtesters rally throughout Hong Kong against protests
Thousands of Hong Kong residents of all ages and background demonstrations on Sunday protested against the proposed law.


Tens of thousands protest against...
khTens of thousands protest against extradition laws in Hong Kong
Hong Kong on Sunday (June 9) recognized the largest street protests in 15 years when counting


Thousands of Hong Kong residents...
khThousands of Hong Kong residents protest against extradition requests from mainland China
Thousands of Hong Kong citizens have demonstrated on the streets today to show their opposition to extradition laws.


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Protesters oppose extradition laws in...
khProtesters oppose extradition laws in Hong Kong, an increase of over two million
Ex-Hong Kong protest organizers claim that the number of people joining the protests has risen to more than 2 million, the biggest protests.


Hong Kong activists were released...
khHong Kong activists were released from jail and demanded that Hong Kong leaders resign
Hong Kong's pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has called on Hong Kong leaders to resign after being re-elected.


Wong calls on Hong Kong leaders to...
khWong calls on Hong Kong leaders to resign
Hong Kong renowned student activist Joshua Wong has called on Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to resign after he was released from prison.


China is now preparing for a policy...
khChina is now preparing for a policy of Rare Earth minerals in a bid to raise taxes on the United States.
China plans to develop, develop and enact relevant policies on rare earths as rare as possible, as soon as possible, according to Chinese planning officials.


Singapore's exports fell 16 per cent...
khSingapore's exports fell 16 per cent when shipments to China fell
Exports (exports) of non-petroleum products declined 15.9 percent, data showed Monday.


China will introduce rare land...
khChina will introduce rare land policies as soon as possible
BEIJING - China's state planning planners said on Monday they would study, develop, and formulate clay-related policies as soon as possible amid ongoing commercial warfare with the United States.


Pressure was mounting on Hong Kong...
khPressure was mounting on Hong Kong leaders after demanding mass movements
Hong Kong activist Zhang Zhou, who has fought a full democracy in Hong Kong, walked out of the incursion on Monday and vowed to join the mass rally movement demanding the city's Chinese-backed leader, Camarom, to step down.


Hong Kong leaders apologize as...
khHong Kong leaders apologize as protesters demand a resignation 17, Jun 2019, 10:09 am
Hong Kong's proposed law, which paves the way for extradition with China, sparked the financial turmoil.


! More than two million people come...
kh! More than two million people come out of extradition laws, leading to Hong Kong leaders confessing
Approximately 2 million protesters have forced Hong Kong to suffocate in one of the most powerful objections on extradition laws.


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