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Hong Kong police express concern as protesters gather bricks and poles from the streets (video)Tensions in Hong Kong continue to rise ...

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khHong Kong protesters protest China's extradition laws
Hong Kong: Tens of thousands of protesters clashed in central Hong Kong on Wednesday, blocking major roads to be
Hong Kong suspends second round of...
khHong Kong suspends second round of debate on extradition laws
(Hong Kong): Hong Kong government has decided to temporarily suspend Wednesday's second round of passage of the extradition laws, which will allow for the sending off of suspects from Hong Kong to China.


Hong Kong's Hong Kong Extradition...
khHong Kong's Hong Kong Extradition Bill was postponed following the outbreak of the protests
Hundreds of tens of thousands of protesters and police in Hong Kong have been stranded in fury as anger mounts to a bill that will allow the extradition of the mainland.


China Criticizes US for Hong Kong...
khChina Criticizes US for Hong Kong Remarks Unjustly Calls For Stopping New Protests Against Extradition Law
Hong Kong has seen a wave of public unrest over the past few days due to massive protests over recent amendments to extradition laws.


Hong Kong residents rally again, as...
khHong Kong residents rally again, as the government does not extradite extradition laws with China 11, Jun 2019, 3:59 pm
Hong Kong citizens will again gather from June 11 to protest a law allowing suspects to be extradited


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Sexual sites in Hong Kong suspend to...
khSexual sites in Hong Kong suspend to encourage protesters
On his website he insults user 1 day 2 days ago !!

A man sentenced to 120 years in...
khA man sentenced to 120 years in prison for raping and persecuting children
In the district, they were raped from infancy to 6 years old, now in jail without any day off

Daytime ! A taxi driver arrested...
khDaytime ! A taxi driver arrested after an overpayment
Requests more and more expensive, requiring more than that for secret police

Hong Kong is a blood test center for...
khHong Kong is a blood test center for Chinese children
Hong Kong: Illegal brokers openly distribute Chinese social media to smuggle blood specimens to pregnant women


Teachers in China blast out protest...
khTeachers in China blast out protest because of lower wages than public officials
More than 200 Chinese school teacher teachers protested in front of the ...

A parrot was arrested by police on...
khA parrot was arrested by police on charges of signaling drug trafficking suspects
Brazilian police detained the parrot as a suspected man, detained for a while month

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