Hong Kong Police Use Rubber Bullets, Tear Gas to Quell Extradition Protests

The city's legislature is forced to postpone a debate on allowing the rendition of alleged suspects to mainland China.

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Extradition Protesters in Hong Kong Face Tear Gas and Rubber Bullets
The demonstrators were mostly peaceful, but some hurled bricks and bottles as they charged officers guarding the Legislative Council.
In the Battle for Hong Kong, Field Has Tilted Toward Beijing
Unlike China’s retreat after big protests in 2003, this time it is not likely to back down.
Photos From the Hong Kong Extradition...
Photos From the Hong Kong Extradition Protests
Demonstrations this week over a proposed law that would allow extraditions to mainland China have produced some of the city’s biggest shows of dissent in years.


Hong Kong Sets Date for Vote on...
Hong Kong Sets Date for Vote on Extradition Bill Despite Outcry
Residents have planned protests, strikes and a transportation slowdown for Wednesday, when lawmakers are set to debate the bill.


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Protesters oppose extradition laws in...
khProtesters oppose extradition laws in Hong Kong, an increase of over two million
Ex-Hong Kong protest organizers claim that the number of people joining the protests has risen to more than 2 million, the biggest protests.


Hong Kong activists were released...
khHong Kong activists were released from jail and demanded that Hong Kong leaders resign
Hong Kong's pro-democracy activist Joshua Wong has called on Hong Kong leaders to resign after being re-elected.


Wong calls on Hong Kong leaders to...
khWong calls on Hong Kong leaders to resign
Hong Kong renowned student activist Joshua Wong has called on Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam to resign after he was released from prison.


Pressure was mounting on Hong Kong...
khPressure was mounting on Hong Kong leaders after demanding mass movements
Hong Kong activist Zhang Zhou, who has fought a full democracy in Hong Kong, walked out of the incursion on Monday and vowed to join the mass rally movement demanding the city's Chinese-backed leader, Camarom, to step down.


Hong Kong leaders apologize as...
khHong Kong leaders apologize as protesters demand a resignation 17, Jun 2019, 10:09 am
Hong Kong's proposed law, which paves the way for extradition with China, sparked the financial turmoil.


Hong Kong Protest Live Updates: City...
Hong Kong Protest Live Updates: City Braces for More Demonstrations
A march was planned against an unpopular extradition bill, one day after the government agreed to postpone a vote and less than a week after protests turned violent.


Hong Kong’s Retreat Chips Away at Xi...
Hong Kong’s Retreat Chips Away at Xi Jinping’s Iron Image
The suspension of legislation to extradite suspects to China was the biggest political reversal of Xi Jinping’s years in power. Will it undermine his rule?


Hong Kong 'Suspends' Renditions Bill...
Hong Kong 'Suspends' Renditions Bill as Campaigners Insist on Total Withdrawal
Groups opposing plans to allow renditions to mainland China say Sunday's march will go ahead, and call for leader's resignation.


Protesters Return to Hong Kong’s...
Protesters Return to Hong Kong’s Streets, Rejecting Leader’s Apology
Protesters dismissed the apology by Carrie Lam as insincere and called for her resignation among a growing list of demands.


Hong Kong suspended the draft bill...
khHong Kong suspended the draft bill after the protests
On Saturday, Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam suspended a unpopular bill that would allow it to do so.


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