Hong Kong’s Retreat Chips Away at Xi Jinping’s Iron Image

The suspension of legislation to extradite suspects to China was the biggest political reversal of Xi Jinping’s years in power. Will it undermine his rule?

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Protesters Return to Hong Kong’s Streets, Rejecting Leader’s Apology
Protesters dismissed the apology by Carrie Lam as insincere and called for her resignation among a growing list of demands.
Hong Kong 'Suspends' Renditions Bill as Campaigners Insist on Total Withdrawal
Groups opposing plans to allow renditions to mainland China say Sunday's march will go ahead, and call for leader's resignation.
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Hong Kong Protest Live Updates: City...
Hong Kong Protest Live Updates: City Braces for More Demonstrations
A march was planned against an unpopular extradition bill, one day after the government agreed to postpone a vote and less than a week after protests turned violent.

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Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Leader,...
Carrie Lam, Hong Kong’s Leader, Retreats, but Her Critics Want More
The extradition bill has been suspended, but calls for new protests foreshadow more upheaval in Hong Kong and signal that Mrs. Lam’s troubles are not over.

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How Hong Kong’s Leader Made the...
How Hong Kong’s Leader Made the Biggest Political Retreat by China Under Xi
Limited consultation within the Hong Kong government, and none with the public, led to an unexpected setback for local authorities and China’s government.

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The Murder Case That Lit the Fuse in...
The Murder Case That Lit the Fuse in Hong Kong
The government said it needed an extradition bill to punish a killer. Hundreds of thousands of protesters didn’t buy it.

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Hong Kong’s Leader Is Set to Delay...
Hong Kong’s Leader Is Set to Delay Extradition Bill Indefinitely
Postponing the bill, which would allow extradition to mainland China, would be a remarkable reversal for the city’s leader, who had vowed to press on despite huge protests.

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Hong Kong Officials Call For Rethink...
chinachinaHong Kong Officials Call For Rethink of China Renditions Law After Protests
Several members of chief executive Carrie Lam's cabinet now say the government should at least delay the extradition law changes.

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Thousands of 'Silver-Haired' Marchers...
hong kongThousands of 'Silver-Haired' Marchers Call For Concessions From Hong Kong Government
Some 9,000 older people take issue with recent police violence against the younger generation, and call on the government to listen to protesters' demands.


Hong Kong Elders March in Support of...
hong kongHong Kong Elders March in Support of Young Demonstrators
Thousands of Hong Kong senior citizens, including a popular actress, marched Wednesday in a show of support for youths at the forefront of monthlong protests against a contentious extradition bill in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory. The


Older people in Hong Kong marched on...
Older people in Hong Kong marched on the streets to support young demonstratorskh
Honorable citizens in Hong Kong marched on the streets Wednesday, July 17, while the elderly of the city This demonstrates solidarity with anti-government protesters led by youth groups, and thousands have joined


Crowds Protest at Hong Kong Shopping...
hong kongCrowds Protest at Hong Kong Shopping Mall That Let Riot Police Inside
Protesters gather at Shatin's New Town Plaza to fill out complaints forms, chant slogans and leave a "Lennon Wall" of messages at the customer service desk.


Hong Kong analysts expect Huawei's...
huaweiHong Kong analysts expect Huawei's smartphone sales to exceed expectations as US relaxes restrictionskh
Hong Kong analyst Guo Minghao of TF International Securities said Huawei's smartphone sales rate in 2019 will exceed forecasts before Huawei becomes blacklisted by the United States. While the state


Hong Kong’s Leader, Faced With More...
hong kongHong Kong’s Leader, Faced With More Clashes, Condemns Violence
Carrie Lam is scrambling to assert her government’s authority after several increasingly volatile demonstrations and a surge in anti-police sentiment.


Dozens Injured After Police Storm...
hong kongDozens Injured After Police Storm Hong Kong Shopping Mall, Pursue Protesters
Civil rights observers say it is unclear why riot police pursued protesters who were already leaving the area they were trying to clear.


More than 100 black-haired sharks...
More than 100 black-haired sharks appeared on the shores of Koh Hong, Krabi province, plaguing the masses - MediaKhmerkh
On July 14, 2019, this morning, a surge of popularity spread across Thai social networks after a video sharing of more than 100 black-haired sharks appeared at the shores of Lake Hong, Krabi province, Thailand. According to Mr. Lim Phan Phrom Phydi,...


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chinahong kongHow China Will Dominate Taiwan’s 2020 Presidential Election Campaign
Taiwan’s presidential race kicked off Monday with China the top issue as a Beijing-friendly mayor won the chief opposition party’s primary to face an incumbent who wants Beijing to keep a distance. The opposition Nationalists announced that Han


Police Used Batons, Pepper Spray...
hong kongPolice Used Batons, Pepper Spray Against Protesters in Hong Kong
Anti-government protesters who fought running battles with police inside a Hong Kong shopping center were "rioters," city’s pro-Beijing leader Carrie Lam said Monday. Lam supported the actions of police force, saying that police and prosecutors


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