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After the rally, the Hong Kong government decided to extradite the extradition lawsThe citizens of Hong Kong have lived independently


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khHong Kong protesters head for a train station linking Hong Kong to mainland China
On Sunday, July 7, thousands of Hong Kong demonstrators held their first protests in a crowded tourist district in China.
khLam: An extradition law in Hong Kong has died
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam said controversial extradition laws that would allow extradition to mainland China were "dead"
Conflict flared again in Hong Kong...
Conflict flared again in Hong Kong after protests against extradition laws with Chinakh
Hundreds of protesters marched silently Sunday morning to force pressure on the government to revoke the extradition laws, with hundreds of protesters ransacking protests in Hong Kong over hundreds of protesters and riot police in Hong Kong.


Hong Kong police arrested six...
Hong Kong police arrested six protesters who had caused violence during the protestkh
HONG KONG: Hong Kong police arrested six demonstrators during Sunday's protests, which were held to protest against a controversial extradition law, despite a subversion from Hong Kong's mayor Carrie


Ningxiang rallies continue to happen...
Ningxiang rallies continue to happen in Hong Kong against the rules of conductkh
Over the weekend, Hong Kong citizens were both young and old


Six Protesters Arrested During Final...
Six Protesters Arrested During Final Protests with Extradition in Hong Kong - MediaKhmerkh
Police arrested six people during a protest in one of Hong Kong's most popular tourist spots on Sunday, claiming thousands of protesters raised awareness among tourists.


Spread out some of the UK's few...
Spread out some of the UK's few English claims on Hong Kong affairskh
After the incident, the extremists attacked the Hong Kong-based Hong Kong-based Violence Regulatory Commission, recently several British politicians took the "China-China joint declaration"


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China tells the US to "immediately...
hong kongChina tells the US to "immediately withdraw your black hand from Hong Kong"kh
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying has accused US officials of being behind the violent protests in Hong Kong, even advising her to remove the "palm" Black "(US) from Hong Kong immediately. This is a problem


A group of masked men attacked...
A group of masked men attacked anti-government protesters in Hong Kong, injuring more than 40 peoplekh
(Xinhua) - At least 45 people were injured and another man was seriously injured after a masked man attacked the site, according to a CNA news release on Monday, July 22, 2019. Misleading anti-government protests and protesters


Taiwanese Foreign Minister calls for...
Taiwanese Foreign Minister calls for democratic elections in Hong Kongkh
Taipei Foreign Minister on Monday called for "a truly democratic election" "To be held in Hong Kong


Mr. Tram charming China in handling...
Mr. Tram charming China in handling the protests in Hong Kong 23, Jul 2019, 7:39 pmkh
US President Donald Trump on July 22 praised China for resolving the situation during protests that were stirring up the city. Hong Kong. Even though the gatherings are conducted in a non-violent manner, the protest is often over


Hong Kong: Dark social groups beat...
Hong Kong: Dark social groups beat the protesters, causing political turmoilkh
The political crisis in Hong Kong has been torn apart after anti-government demonstrators were attacked by a group of suspected members of the opposition. With dark social groups. According to authorities, nearly 50 people were injured ...


Forty-five people were injured after...
Forty-five people were injured after a menacing masked men fought at a Hong Kong train stationkh
Hong Kong authorities said at least 45 people were injured and another man seriously injured after a masked man stormed a group of anti-government protesters and passengers at a train station. In Hong Kong overnight


Beijing's Representative Demands to...
Beijing's Representative Demands to Condemn Chinese Protesters in Hong Kong 22, Jul 2019, 11:39 pmkh
Beijing's envoy to Hong Kong criticized the Hong Kong protesters for blocking the government's representative office during the July 21 protests. Unlike the parliament building, which has been invaded by indoors, Beijing's representative office does...


Images around the world 21 July 2019
Images around the world 21 July 2019kh
Images around the world on 21 July 2019 from the United States, Ukraine, Hong Kong, the Philippines, India, Kazakhstan, France, Thailand, Turkey, Algeria and Russia.


Protesters support Hong Kong
Protesters support Hong Kongkh
MANILA, July 20 (Xinhua) - Many people on April 20 rallied in Hong Kong to express their support for

Police fired tear gas to disperse...
Police fired tear gas to disperse demonstratorskh
On Sunday night, Hong Kong police fired tear gas to disperse demonstrators from anti-riot police, fired tear gas and fired at them. A rubber bulge broke the crowd of pro-democracy demonstrators


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