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13d ago

Russia agreed to build a 2,000-km high-speed road connecting Europe to ChinaThe new highway, with a length of nearly 2,000 kilometers, passes through ...

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khVietnam is set to spend $ 26 billion on high-speed trains connecting the north to the south
The Vietnam News Daily on Wednesday reported that Vietnam's southern-high speed railway construction will allow passengers to travel between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City within eight hours.

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Three teenage girls face trial,...
Three teenage girls face trial, leading to a full blast in Russia after they killed their fatherkh
Three teenage girls could face up to 20 years in jail, resulting in more than 2,000,000 people protesting

Let's visit the beach, fishing,...
Let's visit the beach, fishing, sea-view, refreshing to the Sre Ambel areakh
Koh Kong Province: Fishing beaches are located in Nesing Village, Chroy Svay Commune, Sala Sali District, Koh Kong Province, about 20 kilometers from National Road 48 or 170 Kilometers.

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The 10 Asian countries have the...
The 10 Asian countries have the longest coastlinekh
The following are the 10 Asian countries month

Mr Soam warned again about the...
Mr Soam warned again about the possible $ 300 billion in tax on Chinese goodskh
Mr. Tran reiterated the possibility of another $ 300 billion in tax on Chinese goods, US President Donald Dalam warned again. months

Knowing which countries have the...
Knowing which countries have the longest length of road in ASEANkh
According to statistics of ASEANstats and Badan Pusat Statistik months

Chinese tourists are criticized for... lifeChinese tourists are criticized for lifting glass cuts from the Russian coastkh
Moscow: For decades, nature has turned a glass of glass into a tourist destination.

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