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​ក្រុមហ៊ុន​ Amazon ​នឹង​ធ្វើ​ការបណ្តុះបណ្តាល​កម្មករ​ទី 3 ​របស់​សហរដ្ឋ​អាមេរិក​ជាមុន​ដោយ​ស្វ័យប្រវត្តិ​

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A $700 Million Amazon Pledge, Credit Card Hackers, and More News
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.
khAmazon Pledges $ 700 Million to Teach Its Workers to
The tech giant wants to position itself as a positive force for American workers, but it's not clear whether retraining will
Amazon plans to retrain one-third of...
Amazon plans to retrain one-third of US employees as automationkh
Amazon will spend $ 700 million to retrain one-third of its workforce as automation starts to make their current


Amazon invests $700 million to...
Amazon invests $700 million to retrain a third of its U.S. workforce by 2025
Amazon announced this morning a plan to invest over $700 million to retrain workers across the U.S. to allow them to move into skilled technical and non-technical roles across its corporate offices, tech hubs, fulfillment centers, retail stores, and


Amazon warehouse workers in Minnesota...
Amazon warehouse workers in Minnesota plan to strike on Prime Day over labor practices
Amazon warehouse workers in Minnesota are planning to strike during Prime Day on July 15, one of the company’s biggest sales events. Bloomberg reports that about 100 employees are expected to walk out for a total of six hours to demand changes in


Amazon Workers Plan to Strike on...
Amazon Workers Plan to Strike on Prime Day
Employees at Amazon’s now-infamous Shakopee, Minnesota, warehouse—the first of the famously anti-union retailer’s locations to stage a walkout in the U.S.—is planning a strike next week to coincide with Prime Day, the company’s invented shopping


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Report: NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware...
Report: NSO Group's Pegasus Spyware Can Break Into Cloud Services, Transmit User Data to Server
Israeli spyware company NSO Group’s powerful Pegasus malware—the same spyware implicated in a breach of WhatsApp earlier this year—is capable of scraping a target’s data from the servers of Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft, according


Amazon Prime Day error put high-end...
Amazon Prime Day error put high-end camera gear on sale for peanuts
Bargain hunters claim they picked up thousands of dollars of equipment for under $100.


Walmart extends Prime Day hot deals...
dellappleWalmart extends Prime Day hot deals on Apple, Samsung, HP, Dell, and Bose
Walmart doesn't want Prime Day 2019 to stop and extended the sales event beyond its original July 17 end date. Amazon racked up record sales during Prime Day and by all reports so did other retailers, including Walmart. We found great Apple,


The Week in Tech: Some Workers Hate...
The Week in Tech: Some Workers Hate Robots. Retraining May Change That.
Striking Amazon employees complained about how robots changed their jobs, but the company may help them think differently.


Test of Amazon's Face Recognition by...
Test of Amazon's Face Recognition by Orlando Cops Ends as a Devastating Flop
Orlando has ended its pilot trial of Rekognition, Amazon’s face recognition system, with no current plans for future tests. But the city hasn’t suddenly had a change of heart due to ethical concerns about the technology—they reportedly just couldn’t


Amazon Prime Day Glitch Let People...
Amazon Prime Day Glitch Let People Buy $13,000 Camera Gear for $94
If you’ve been bragging to your friends about the excellent deal you scored during Amazon’s Prime Day stunt, don’t. There’s little chance you did as well as many members of the Slickdeals forum did. Thanks to an error on Amazon’s website, several of


Peloton's Automated Following for...
Peloton's Automated Following for trucks keeps the driver at the forefront
Literally -- it relies on a human to lead a platoon of autonomous trucks.


Walmart Apple Sale: iPad, AirPods,...
appleWalmart Apple Sale: iPad, AirPods, and Apple Watch deals after Prime Day
Walmart’s competing Prime Day sale is continuing until the end of today. This has turned out to be good news for Apple fans — with discounts on iPads, iPhones, MacBook, and Apple Watches still on sale after Amazon's massive shopping event has


Amazon Prime Day Is Over. These Great...
Amazon Prime Day Is Over. These Great Deals Remain
There are still a few lingering deals we like on headphones, laptops, cameras, and more.


Walmart extends its Prime Day deals...
Walmart extends its Prime Day deals on Schwinn, Razor and Hyper E-Ride ebikes
Amazon Prime Day 2019 may have passed but Walmart doesn't care. Walmart's Google Week and Big Save summer sale continue with deals on smart home devices, 4K TVs Apple Watches, and more. We found excellent deals on Walmart for five ebikes including


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