Supermassive Games Has Plans for 8 Dark Pictures Anthology Games recommended

Supermassive Games has plans for eight entries in its Dark Pictures anthology series, including Man of Medan, and online co-op will factor into gameplay.


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Supermassive's 'Man of Medan' is officially multiplayer
The interactive horror will support couch co-op and online play.
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Until Dawn developer’s The Dark Pictures Anthology has eight planned games
Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures Anthology will include at least eight games in a variety of horror sub-genres, beginning with Man of Medan this August.
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In our The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan hands-on preview, we played co-op "Movie Night" mode, where we had to trust and share our fates with other players.

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The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan unveils new multiplayer modes
Both local and online modes promised for supernatural adventure

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Supermassive Already Has Concepts...
Supermassive Already Has Concepts Planned For Eight Dark Pictures Anthology Titles
The plan is to get two games out per year after Man of Medan releases.

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The Dark Pictures: Man Of Medan Has Co-Op, Here's How It Works
In Supermassive Games' follow-up to Until Dawn, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan will allow players to experience the entire story with friends.

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