New Orleans Faces a Major Flood Threat [Updating]

Tropical Storm Barry still doesn’t formally exist, but water is already bearing down on New Orleans. The situation looks bad, to say the least, and we at Earther will be following it closely as the city and state of Louisiana prepare for what is

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Hurricane Warning for Louisiana Coast as Tropical Storm Barry Drifts Toward Land
Story updated July 11, 2019, 7:15 p.m. Forecasters have issued hurricane warnings for parts of the Louisiana coast, as Tropical Storm Barry churns ominously in the Gulf of Mexico.  The National Hurricane Center expects Barry to hit the coast as a
The Science Behind Tropical Storm Barry's Potentially Catastrophic Flooding
If there is one thing you need to know about Tropical Storm Barry, it is this: The storm bearing down on Louisiana is forecast to be a flooding disaster.
Gulf Storm Likely to Become...
usaGulf Storm Likely to Become Hurricane, Fueling Fears in New Orleans
The storm system making its way through the Gulf of Mexico is expected to make landfall as a hurricane late Friday or early Saturday, said the National Hurricane Center. It officially became Tropical Storm Barry when its winds surpassed 62


Louisiana Braces for Slow-Moving...
usaLouisiana Braces for Slow-Moving Possible Weekend Hurricane
A potential tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico presents twin troubles for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi _ the possibility that the flooded Mississippi River will be lapping at the tops of levees this weekend, and a danger of flash


New Orleans, States Along Gulf Brace...
usaNew Orleans, States Along Gulf Brace for Torrential Rains
A tropical weather system was expected Wednesday to develop into a storm that could push the already swollen Mississippi River precariously close to the tops of levees that protect New Orleans. The low pressure area was over water, south of the


New Orleans Faces Catastrophic...
New Orleans Faces Catastrophic Flooding Ahead of Possible Tropical Storm
Would-be Tropical Storm Barry is still a day or more away from forming, let alone making landfall. But the developing system’s impacts are already being felt on Wednesday morning in New Orleans.


New Orleans, States A Long Gulf Brace...
usaNew Orleans, States A Long Gulf Brace for Torrential Rains
A tropical weather system was expected Wednesday to develop into a storm that could push the already swollen Mississippi River precariously close to the tops of levees that protect New Orleans. The low pressure area was over water, south of the


Wild Weather From the Midwest Could...
mexicoWild Weather From the Midwest Could Spawn a Tropical Storm in the Gulf of Mexico This Week
The second tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season could arrive from an odd source: Missouri.


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Europe's Weeklong Satellite Outage Is Over—But Still Serves as a Warning
The dramatic EU Galileo incident underscores the threat of satellite timing and navigation system failures.


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Skeptical House committee members said Facebook’s Libra plans could be a threat to central banks and aid tax evaders and drug dealers.


How to Infiltrate Area 51 Like a Pro
How to Infiltrate Area 51 Like a Pro
Amid renewed interest in UFOs following a series of articles detailing strange sightings by U.S. military pilots—and recognitions of those concerns by the Navy—over 1.2 million have signed up for a “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” Facebook


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Now-Tropical Depression Barry Mostly...
Now-Tropical Depression Barry Mostly Spares New Orleans, But Flood Risk Remains High
Tropical Depression Barry has been downgraded to its current status after smashing into Louisiana as the first hurricane of the season on Saturday, and it mostly spared the city of New Orleans from a potentially devastating direct hit. But


Gulf Fisheries Are Under Siege—Now...
Gulf Fisheries Are Under Siege—Now Comes Tropical Storm Barry
Surges of polluted water have decimated crab, oyster, and shrimp populations and killed hundreds of dolphins. To fishermen, Tropical Storm Barry is very bad news.


Tropical Storm Barry Pits New Orleans...
Tropical Storm Barry Pits New Orleans Against Water—Again
In the forever war between the Big Easy and the deluge, engineering keeps coming up short. Climate change is making it worse.


Tropical Storm Barry: How Verizon,...
verizonsprintTropical Storm Barry: How Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint prep for mobile coverage in the face of disasters
All four carriers have measures in place to make sure their networks stay up and running as much as possible during potential disasters.


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