Listen to Beyonce sing Spirit on the new Lion King 2019 soundtrack

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បទចម្រៀងទោលរបស់Beyonce ក្នុងរឿងThe Lion King ដែលបង្កប់ន័យជ្រាលជ្រៅ ចេញជាផ្លូវការហើយ (មានវីដេអូ)
អាមេរិក៖ កាលពីពេលថ្មីៗនេះ តារាចម្រៀងស្រីដែលជាម្ចាស់ពានរង្វាន់Grammy រហូតដល់ទៅ២៣លើក Beyonce បានប្រកាសថានឹងចេញអាល់ប៊ុមចម្រៀងថ្មី «The Lion King: The Gift,» ជាប្រភេទបទបង្កប់​នូវ​អត្ថន័យ​បែបលើកទឹកចិត្ត និពន្ធឡើងដោយសិល្បករជនជាតិអាហ្រ្វិកម្នាក់។បទចម្រៀងទោល
The First Reactions to Disney's The Lion King Remake Are Here
It sounds like The Lion King just can’t wait to be king of the box office. The first reactions to the CGI remake of Disney’s The Lion King are here, with critics praising the film’s visual effects and dynamic cast...although having photorealistic
The Lion King Movie Reactions Are In...
The Lion King Movie Reactions Are In -- Here's What People Are Saying
It looks like Disney has yet another hit on its hands with its Lion King remake.


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