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Ford recalls 58,000 Focus cars for a fault it failed to fix in earlier recall
Ford recalled 1.5 million select Focus vehicles in 2018 to repair a fault that could have led to an engine stall, but somehow 58,000 of the cars taken in for the fix failed to receive it. The automaker has just recalled those cars again — the vast

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The Audi S8 by 2020 uses the most...
audiThe Audi S8 by 2020 uses the most advanced 8-cylinderkh
engine after the introduction of the A8, and the German car company Audi unveiled the new 2020 S8

រថយន្ត Mazda ជាង 26ម៉ឺនគ្រឿង...
រថយន្ត Mazda ជាង 26ម៉ឺនគ្រឿង មានបញ្ហាម៉ាស៊ីន ត្រូវបានក្រុមហ៊ុន ហៅអោយម្ចាស់យកមកវិញ
ក្រុមហ៊ុន Mazda កំពុងហៅត្រឡប់មកវិញនូវរថយន្តប្រភេទ SUV ចំនួន 262,000គ្រឿង និងរថយន្តមួយចំនួននៅសហរដ្ឋអាមេរិក ដើម្បីជួសជុលបញ្ហា software ដែលអាចធ្វើឱ្យម៉ាស៊ីនរលត់ដោយមិនដឹងខ្លួន។ ការប្រមូលមកវិញនេះគឺមានលើគ្រប់ម៉ូដែល Mazda6 midsize និង CX-5 SUVs ពីស៊េរីឆ្នាំ


Surprise Village ! Buy a Huawei over...
huaweiSurprise Village ! Buy a Huawei over $ 100 fortune win Mazda 2kh
The lucky draw for a lucky customer of the Huawei Ascend Wagon 7 won the Mazda 2 finally found.


Toyota will build new SUV at...
Toyota will build new SUV at joint-venture plant with Mazda, replacing more Corollas
The Corolla will continue to be built in its Mississippi facility.


Finding less than $ 200 buyers of the...
huaweiFinding less than $ 200 buyers of the Huawei Ascend has won the new Mazda II Prizekh
Phnom Penh: A lucky draw for a lucky customer of the Huawei Ascend Wagon 7 won Mazda 2 finally found


The Mazda 3, released in March 2019,...
The Mazda 3, released in March 2019, costs more than $ 30,000kh
The Mazda 3 Series 2019 is priced in Malaysia with Sedan and Hatchback. Mazda 3 Base Model costs from $ 33,800 used

Huawei has won over $ 100, won the...
huaweiHuawei has won over $ 100, won the Mazda 2 for more than $ 30,
Fortunately, the Lucky Star, the Huawei Ascend 7.7, valued at just over $ 100, has become one of the lucky customers to win a brand new Mazda 2 for over $ 30,000.


The most powerful four-cylinder...
The most powerful four-cylinder engine in the worldkh
Mercedes-AMG released detailed technical information on the new four-cylinder M139 engine ...

Mercedes-AMG is debuting the 415 hp...
mercedesMercedes-AMG is debuting the 415 hp A45 S and CLA45 S at Goodwood
These two models mark the first production use of the bonkers M139 turbo four-cylinder engine.


Mazda recalls 7,854 CX-9 SUVs for...
Mazda recalls 7,854 CX-9 SUVs for wiring weirdness
Depending on the connector affected, a variety of things might go wrong.


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