The White House Learned Four Internet Words and Wants to Teach You How to Say Them Wrong

Today, President Trump hosted his big “social media summit,” which coincided almost perfectly with a worldwide Twitter outage. Notably, the White House invited exactly zero social media company representatives to the event, but plenty of online

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Conservative VIPs Head to White House for Social Media Summit
White House Bureau Chief Steve Herman contributed to this story. Updated July 11, 2019, 6:40 a.m. SAN FRANCISCO — A who’s who of conservative groups are heading to the White House Thursday to discuss how to deal with reports and stories from
President Trump Insists He Could've Won Without Social Media During Morning Toilet
President Donald Trump insisted in a tweet this morning that he could’ve won the presidency in 2016 without the help of social media. But Trump immediately contradicted himself, sending out a series of follow-up tweets claiming that he doesn’t need
The White House Prepares for Social...
usaThe White House Prepares for Social Media Summit. Amid Criticism of Facebook, Google andkh
A who's who of conservative groups are heading to the White House to discuss how to deal with reports and stories from Social Media.


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Tech Giants Claim Competition Exists....
Tech Giants Claim Competition Exists. House Dems Don't Buy It
Executives from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google testified before Congress that they face fierce competition. Lawmakers say it’s “frustrating.”


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