Bale គិតត្រូវអត់បងប្អូន? Bale បដិសេធលុយធំពីក្លិបចិន ព្រោះហេតុផលមួយនេះ!!

អេស្ប៉ាញ៖ ខ្សែប្រយុទ្ធជួរមុខរបស់ Real Madrid និងជម្រើសជាតិវេល កីឡាករ Gareth Bale បានច្រានចោលសំណើតម្លៃពលកម្ម ១,២លានផោនក្នុងមួយសប្ដាហ៍ ទៅលេងនៅលីគកំពូលចិន។Bale ទទួលបានប្រមាណជា ៦០០,០០០ផោនក្នុងមួយសប្ដាហ៍នៅ Santiago Bernabue ជាមួយ Real Madrid ខណៈដែលក្លិបនៅ

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Bale thinks Bale is denying big money from Chinese club for this reason. !Spain: Real Madrid forward and Welsh forward Gareth Bale have rejected a £ 1.2m asking price for a Premier League visit to China. Bale received about 600,000 pounds a week


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អេស្ប៉ាញ៖ នាយកផ្នែកកីឡារបស់ក្លិប Napoli លោក Cristiano Giuntoli ត្រូវបានគេដឹងថាកំពុងតែស្ថិតនៅក្នុងទីក្រុង Madrid ប្រទេសអេស្ប៉ាញ ដើម្បីពិភាក្សាក្នុងការនាំយកកីឡាករ James Rodriguez មកលេងនៅទឹកដីអ៊ីតាលី។Real Madrid ទាមទាតម្លៃខ្លួន ៤២លានផោនសម្រាប់ខ្សែប្រយុទ
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Wha ! A Chinese club dares to ask...
Wha ! A Chinese club dares to ask Bale for £ 1.2m per weekkh
According to a report, an anonymous Chinese club has offered a £ 1.2m offer per week


Bale as a loner once again rejoins...
soccerBale as a loner once again rejoins Real Madridkh
Gareth Bale has been shown to be a lonely person when he returns to Real Madrid

Bale was insulted by Real fans
Bale was insulted by Real fanskh
While returning to training with the team

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Real Madrid striker Kieran Trippier has signed a contract with Tottenham Hotspur for 24 million euros ($ 26 million). According to release


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Trippier is the first Englishman of Atletico Madrid at the last 95, 18, Jul 2019, 11:41 amkh
Atletico Madrid spend $ 25 million to buy defender Kieran Trippier from Tottenham Hotspur. Trippier is the first English player to become an AT-Madrid member in the last 95 years.


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That! Spurs want to bring Bale back to winning ways ...!kh
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How many years? Bale is one year old!
How many years? Bale is one year old!kh
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