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Svay Sam Eang could not cover the destruction of forest in Mondulkiri


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Gendarmerie continues to crack down...
Gendarmerie continues to crack down on forest crimes by confiscating many cubic meters of rubble in Sambor district, Kratie
(Kratie): Armed forces in Kratie province, under command of Brigadier General Bunthan, provincial commander of the provincial police force on July 22, 2019, continued operations to crack down and confiscate many cubic meters of wood in O'Romay village,...


Minister for Agriculture visits...
Minister for Agriculture visits drought drought in Kampong Svay districtkh
In the morning, he and his colleagues went to check out the drought in Pou Village, Tram Kla village, Ta Ream village, and Russey Chevy village in Battambang province, which was the last province of the minister's mission this weekend. Tbeng Commune,...


Police cracked down on illegal forest...
Police cracked down on illegal forest crime in Sambor districtkh
Kratie province: Kratie's armed forces have cracked down 18 cubic meters of woodpeckers in the jungle, which traffickers hide to transport to Snuol district and province. Tbb continues to sell on the Vietnamese side, two of Sambo district


Left behind the famous timber traders...
Left behind the famous timber traders in Ratanakkiri province, he has a big boss, big-dollar, running
Rattanakiri province: Clearly, Hong has been a major timber trader behind a few other traders in Ratanakkiri for dropping money for massive forest crime so far. Vietnamese nationals have a Cambodian identity card in the country


Throughout the day, police crackdowns...
Throughout the day, police crackdowns on 7 forest crimes across the country, burning 5 cars, removing more than 150,000 cubic meters of woodkh
(Phnom Penh): On 21 July 2019, the strength of the National Committee for the Prevention and Combating of Forestry, with Chief of General Soo Sokha, has cracked down seven forest crimes throughout the country. Gen Eng Eng Hy, the spokeswoman of the...


On July 21 cracked down on 10 forest...
On July 21 cracked down on 10 forest crimes, destroyed 11 automobiles and 11 motorcycleskh
The report on the summary of results of the campaign on the prevention and suppression of forest crimes on 21 July 2019 forces to crack down on eight forest crimes (three temples, natkiri, 02 rounds, Mondul Kiri 01, Kratie 01 Phase I. 01. Start Ch


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