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Famous businessman in the northeastern region of the forest still escape the gridJuly 11, 2019, 10:55 am

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Kong Kheng asserted that the "law of...
Kong Kheng asserted that the "law of the Democratic Kampuchea", which the US Congress adopted, was "a scapegoat"kh
(Phnom Penh): Former president of the Sam Rainsy Party, Kong Korm, who is currently the Honorary President of the Cambodian People's Party, argues that the Law on Democratic Kampuchea approved by the lower house of the United States to put pressure on...


Fleet over 4 years' return to law...
Fleet over 4 years' return to law enforcement pursuant to the order of 226 of KAING Khemarakh
Battambang: A suspect was charged by the district police force on the arrest of Tuol Sleng, Order ordering the incumbent's order of 226 October, 2016,


Forest Guard orders to stop burning...
Forest Guard orders to stop burning wood and good cars caught from dealer 21, Jul 2019, 12:59 pmkh
Major General Sao Sokha, Commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Chairman of the National Committee for the Prevention and Combating of Natural Resource Offenses A ban on officials and forces under his subordinates not to damage the wood


Customs officials can not wait to...
Customs officials can not wait to criticize tax evasion chargeskh
Pailin: Citizens, including businessmen, have been critical of the Pailin provincial Customs International, which intends to allow tax-exempt goods from Thailand to enter. At the international border, it is angelic, while the customs officers sit up to...


A party president told Okhna Kong...
A party president told Okhna Kong Kong, a forest trader, not to run because the National Council led by Sao Sokha is close to Kratie!kh
Phnom Penh: At this stage, the topic of forest crime has been harsh because of the public interest, in which Nguon Sokvy, President of the New Light of Myanmar and the Supreme Council of Consultation and Suggestions, High feeling on this issue


Kong Raiy continues to strike hunger...
Kong Raiy continues to strike hunger strikekh
Kem Leyy continues to go on hunger strikes for more than a week, and to demand that the prison be able to practice his activities early in the morning and Adequate sleep can make Vipassana.


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