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Businessman Kao Bunly continued to actively destroy the forest in Prey Lang forestJuly 11, 2019, 10:20 am


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khKandal Charges Forest Crime in Prey Lang District, Sandan District to Become a Tycoon No One Fails to Crack
Phnom Penh: The well-known forestry trader in Sandan district, Kao Bunly, who has been involved in illegal forest crimes, has become an industrial tycoon but continues to commit illegal business to destroy logs from Prey Lang and some community forests.
Wood business tycoon Kauai Lee...
Wood business tycoon Kauai Lee continues to engage in illegal business, destroying natural resources under lawful craftkh
Kampong Thom: Wood trader Kao Bunly, a prominent businessman in Oknha Oknha, continues to commit illegal business to destroy logs from Prey Lang and other community forests for processing in a Kompong Speu pagoda, Kraing village, Socheat commune,...


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Kratie Province Cracked Many Thnong...
Kratie Province Cracked Many Thnong Lumber and Islandskh
Kratie: Kratie's armed forces and security forces 708, led by Colonel Long Ying, deputy commander of the Royal Gendarmerie of Kratie province, stormed a number of thnong lumber and islands


"Nang Boeung Tachchan" in Saang...
"Nang Boeung Tachchan" in Saang district is being conspired to conquer, exploit,kh
Kandal Province: Nokorang Newspaper Unit received a letter from residents living in Saang Phnom commune in order to intervene to help with the case of Phan Thach, a retired policeman who confiscated land in Boeung Ta Chan located in the village Peam...


Forest Guard orders to stop burning...
Forest Guard orders to stop burning wood and good cars caught from dealer 21, Jul 2019, 12:59 pmkh
Major General Sao Sokha, Commander of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces and Chairman of the National Committee for the Prevention and Combating of Natural Resource Offenses A ban on officials and forces under his subordinates not to damage the wood


Customs officials can not wait to...
Customs officials can not wait to criticize tax evasion chargeskh
Pailin: Citizens, including businessmen, have been critical of the Pailin provincial Customs International, which intends to allow tax-exempt goods from Thailand to enter. At the international border, it is angelic, while the customs officers sit up to...


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