The Switch Lite Seems Nice, But What I Really Want Is a Switch Pro

Earlier this week, Nintendo finally announced the long-rumored Switch Lite and it looks good. At $200, even though it doesn’t have support for the standard model’s docking feature, the Switch Lite seems like the natural upgrade for anyone still

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Nintendo's portable-only Switch is smaller than the original, but how does it compare to other recent handhelds?
Nintendo Switch Lite: A New Model...
nintendo switchnintendoNintendo Switch Lite: A New Model That Can't Connect To TVs
Nintendo has revealed a new model of Switch, and it's both smaller and cheaper--with a price tag to match.


The Nintendo Switch Lite Is Inferior,...
nintendo switchnintendoThe Nintendo Switch Lite Is Inferior, but I'm Going to Buy It Anyway
The Switch Lite is a lesser version of the original Switch, but I want it anyway.


Why the World Still Needs a Nintendo...
nintendo switchnintendoWhy the World Still Needs a Nintendo Switch Pro
The Switch Lite is capitalizing on the millions of people who don't own a Nintendo Switch but want to get one cheaply to play the new Pokemon. But what about more demanding games like The Witcher 3?


The Switch Pro might just be an...
The Switch Pro might just be an upgrade to the base model
It looks like the Switch Lite isn't the only new hardware coming from Nintendo in the near future. The base Nintendo Switch may also be due for some changes as well. A new FCC filing hints that a base Switch hardware update may also be coming in the


The Nintendo Switch Lite Has Sealed...
nintendo switchThe Nintendo Switch Lite Has Sealed The 3DS's Coffin
Remember the Nintendo 3DS? Enjoy that while you can, because after the Nintendo Switch Lite comes out, the 3DS will be erased from all of our collective memories. Okay, not really, but the Switch Lite does look nifty. On this week’s Kotaku


Nintendo Switch Lite will not replace...
nintendo switchNintendo Switch Lite will not replace the 3DS
With the Nintendo Switch Lite's reveal, 3DS and 2DS owners if support will be ended for these systems. However, it seems that this won't be the case. Nintendo has confirmed that the Switch Lite will not replace the 3DS and 2DS handhelds.


The Standard Nintendo Switch Is...
nintendoThe Standard Nintendo Switch Is Getting An Update Too, Apparently
Nintendo is implementing some new components in the base Switch model, according to a filing with the FCC.


Nintendo Switch Lite Model: Price,...
nintendo switchnintendoNintendo Switch Lite Model: Price, Release Date, Colors Revealed
Nintendo's new Switch Lite is smaller, cheaper, and a little less capable, and it's coming very soon.


Nintendo Switch Lite Doesn't Use...
nintendo switchNintendo Switch Lite Doesn't Use Joy-Cons, And Its Controller Features Some Big Changes
Multiplayer will be a little bit more difficult on the Nintendo Switch Lite, but not impossible.


Nintendo Switch Lite FAQ
nintendo switchnintendoNintendo Switch Lite FAQ
A smaller, cheaper Switch model is coming this September. Here's everything we know about it so far, from its price and release date to how it differs from a standard Switch.


Nintendo Switch Lite: Everything We...
nintendo switchnintendoNintendo Switch Lite: Everything We Learned Today
Nintendo has revealed the first revision of the Switch hardware, and it's a lighter system that can't be docked with a TV. Here are all the details.


Nintendo is working on a way to...
nintendoNintendo is working on a way to transfer games between Switch devices
Switch users will be pleased to know Nintendo is working on a feature which will allow them to transfer content between multiple devices.


Nintendo Switch Lite Announced;...
nintendo switchnintendoNintendo Switch Lite Announced; Price, Release Date, Specs Revealed
Nintendo's new Switch Lite is smaller, cheaper, and a little less capable.


New Nintendo Switch Lite Coming In...
nintendoNew Nintendo Switch Lite Coming In September
The handheld, with a smaller screen than the regular Switch and some reduced functionality, retails for $199.99.


The Nintendo Switch Lite Will Be...
nintendo switchThe Nintendo Switch Lite Will Be Released On September 20
The Nintendo Switch Lite is a smaller handheld-only portable that will be released this fall. It is being described as a Nintendo Switch for those who just want to play on the go.


Nintendo's Smaller, Cheaper Switch...
nintendoNintendo's Smaller, Cheaper Switch Lite Is Here
Confirming rumors and speculation based on leaked photos of cases and other accessories, today Nintendo revealed the new $200 Switch Lite portable console that sheds a bit of weight, a bit of size, and quite a bit of functionality to hit a price


Nintendo Switch Lite officially...
nintendoNintendo Switch Lite officially revealed, coming September for $200
Nintendo has officially unveiled the Switch Lite, a handled version of its flagship console.


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