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The Week in Tech: Big Brother May Be Watching, but for HowCalls for outright bans on facial recognition are mounting.

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Huawei Says Little Has Changed Despite President Trump's Pledge to Ease Restrictions on Tech Giant
Huawei says its relationship with the U.S. is basically the same as it was a couple of months ago, despite President Donald Trump’s pledge to ease restrictions that currently bar American companies from doing business with the Chinese tech giant.
The Window to Rein In Facial Recognition Is Closing
As Congress continues to punt on facial recognition, advocacy groups have redoubled their efforts.
Now We Know What the Hell Is Going on...
huaweiNow We Know What the Hell Is Going on With Huawei—Sort
It’s been a rough few months for Huawei, but as of now, it looks like there might be some relief for the Chinese tech giant at the center of recent U.S.–China trade tensions. In a speech in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur


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The Northernmost Settlement on Earth...
The Northernmost Settlement on Earth Cracked 70 Degrees For the First Time This Week
It’s not just the eastern part of the U.S. roasting this week. Much of the planet is on a heat bender, including the northernmost inhabited place on Earth.


Iran Denies Claim That U.S. Military...
iranIran Denies Claim That U.S. Military Destroyed Drone in the Strait of Hormuz
The government of Iran has denied reports that the U.S. shot down an Iranian drone this week in the Strait of Hormuz, contradicting claims by the U.S. military and President Donald Trump that an enemy drone had been destroyed.


This Week's Brutal U.S. Heat Wave...
This Week's Brutal U.S. Heat Wave Could Be a Killer
The sweltering heat outside is not only annoying as hell; it’s downright dangerous. There’s no better time to sit inside with the air conditioner blasting—except that our collective need for artificial cooling may also push local power grids over


Instagram Will Now Let You Know If...
Instagram Will Now Let You Know If Your Account Is Close to Being Yanked
Instagram’s recent rollouts of updates to its platform continues this week with two more changes around post and account take-downs, as well as a new process for appealing content deletion that it will expand in the coming months.


The Week in Tech: Some Workers Hate...
The Week in Tech: Some Workers Hate Robots. Retraining May Change That.
Striking Amazon employees complained about how robots changed their jobs, but the company may help them think differently.


T-Mobile's Sprint merger could come...
sprintT-Mobile's Sprint merger could come to a head next week, report says
One way or another, an end may finally be in sight for the long-gestating deal.


While Washington Talks Antitrust,...
While Washington Talks Antitrust, Europe Takes Action
The European Commission fined chipmaker Qualcomm €242 million for luring Chinese phone makers with low prices, forcing a British rival out of the market.


The Truth About Trump’s Love-Hate...
The Truth About Trump’s Love-Hate Relationship With Big Tech
The president and social media companies pantomime conflict while quietly helping each other.


Boeing to Take $4.9 Billion Charge...
Boeing to Take $4.9 Billion Charge Related to Grounded 737 Max as Fallout Continues
Ahead of its earnings report next week, Boeing on Thursday said it will report an after-tax charge of $4.9 billion related to its grounded 737 Max jets.


How US national security agencies...
How US national security agencies hold the internet hostage
Team Telecom, a shadowy US national security unit tasked with protecting America’s telecommunications systems, is delaying plans by Google, Facebook and other tech companies for the next generation of international fiber optic cables. Team Telecom


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