Trump's Labor Secretary to Resign Over Handling of Sex Abuse Case

This story was updated on July 12 at 12:33 pm U.S. President Donald Trump says embattled Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta is resigning over his judicial handling of a plea deal with accused sex abuser and wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein. Trump

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#MeToo Set Stage for Re-Prosecution of US Multimillionaire Epstein
This week's indictment of American multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein on sex trafficking charges shows how public and political pressure fueled by the #MeToo movement is prompting prosecutors to take a closer look at sexual assault cases that most
Epstein Accused of Paying Off Suspected Co-Conspirators
Jeffrey Epstein, the financier charged with sexually abusing young girls in a case that led to the resignation of the U.S. labor secretary, was accused Friday of paying off possible co-conspirators to "influence" them, U.S.
Labor Secretary Acosta Resigning Amid...
usaLabor Secretary Acosta Resigning Amid Epstein Dealkh
This story was updated on July 12 at 10:55 am


Trump Says Labor Secretary Acosta Will
usaTrump Says Labor Secretary Acosta Willkh
This story was updated on July 12 at 9:58 am


US Labor Chief Acosta Defends Role in...
usaUS Labor Chief Acosta Defends Role in Sex Trafficking Case
U.S. Labor Secretary Alexander Acosta on Wednesday defended his actions more than a decade ago as a federal prosecutor in agreeing to a light jail sentence for billionaire hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein, who was accused in a child sex


Financier in Sex Abuse Case Went from...
usaFinancier in Sex Abuse Case Went from Math Whiz to Titan
He has rubbed elbows with a prince and flown a former president on his private jet. He amassed a fortune that includes a 100-acre island in the Caribbean and one of the biggest mansions in New York.   He has donated tens of millions of dollars to


Financier Epstein Goes From Luxury...
usaFinancier Epstein Goes From Luxury Life to Confined Jail Cell After Sex Trafficking Charges
Wealthy American financier Jeffrey Epstein, charged with sex trafficking in underage girls, is now confined to a cell in a fortress-like concrete tower jail that has been criticized by inmates and lawyers for harsh conditions. After his arrest on


Trump: Will Look 'Very Carefully' at...
usaTrump: Will Look 'Very Carefully' at Labor Secretary's Role in Prosecuting Child Sex-Trafficking Case
U.S. President Donald Trump said Tuesday he will be looking "very carefully" at how his labor secretary, Alexander Acosta, agreed to a light sentence in a child sex trafficking case against billionaire hedge fund manager Jeffrey Epstein more than a


White House: Trump Has Not Spoken...
usaWhite House: Trump Has Not Spoken with Accused Child Sex Predator in a Decade
WASHINGTON - U.S. President Donald Trump once called accused billionaire child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein a "terrific guy," but the White House said Tuesday Trump does not recall seeing or talking to him in 10 or 15 years.White House adviser


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