Spider-Man: Far From Home's Marketing Was an Illusion Worthy of Mysterio

While seeing Spider-Man: Far From Home in a public screening this past weekend, two unexpected things about the people in the theater jumped out at me that elevated the filmgoing experience. The first was a moment of alarm when horrific sounds from

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IDW’s President Wants to Unearth...
spider manmarvelIDW’s President Wants to Unearth Spider-Man’s Hidden Mexican History
Even as moviegoers get reacquainted with Peter Parker Marvel Studios’ latest release, Spider-Man: Far From Home, a piece of the character’s comic book history was only uncovered earlier this year for American fans thanks to IDW Publishing President


Far From Home Still Has Only the...
spider manFar From Home Still Has Only the Second Best Display of Mysterio's Schtick Outside of Comics
There is a moment in Spider-Man: Far From Home with Mysterio that is one of the most audaciously cool-looking things I’ve ever seen in a Marvel movie. But as good as it is, it still isn’t my favorite take on the character outside of comics.


Peter Thiel says Elizabeth Warren is...
Peter Thiel says Elizabeth Warren is ‘dangerous;’ Warren responds: ‘Good’
Senator Elizabeth Warren doesn’t seem too unhappy about being labeled “dangerous” by investor Peter Thiel . Thiel, who co-founded PayPal, Palantir and Founders Fund, made the comments in an interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, where he


Spider-Man: Far From Home Almost...
Spider-Man: Far From Home Almost Featured Another, Even Wilder Mysterio Twist
Far From Home is a twisty movie. No surprises there, given that it features Mysterio, a Spider-Man villain literally known for tricks, twists, and illusory escapades. But according to its screenwriter, there was almost an extra twist the team threw


Facebook Board Member Peter Thiel...
googleFacebook Board Member Peter Thiel Calls Google 'Treasonous' and Says CIA Should Investigate
Billionaire Peter Thiel has called for a federal investigation into Google’s refusal to work with the U.S. military and says that the tech giant’s relationship with the Chinese military is “treasonous,” according to a new report from Axios late


One of Far From Home's Shocking...
spider manmarvelOne of Far From Home's Shocking Twists Introduces a Key Aspect of Spider-Man's Lore
Unlike Spider-Man: Homecoming, which did a solid job of rethinking characters from the comics in new ways in order to make yet another Peter Parker-centric story feel fresh for the big screen, Far From Home amps things up by cleaving


The Comic Book Legacies Behind Far...
marvelThe Comic Book Legacies Behind Far From Home's Final Post-Credit Scene
Spider-Man: Far From Home is a movie with plenty of twists and turns, and they don’t stop when either of its two credit sequences wrap up. We’ve already provided you some comic book background on its first, and perhaps most major, reveal. But


American Horror Story: 1984 Might...
American Horror Story: 1984 Might Have Lost Another Major Star
The new Ghostbusters movie adds a few more to its cast. Charlize Theron, Car Sorceress, is back for the next Fast & Furious. Jon Watts is already talking about what villain he’d want in a third Spider-Man. Plus, more new footage from The Lion


Spider-Man: Far From Home's...
spider manSpider-Man: Far From Home's Filmmakers Answer Some of Your Biggest Burning Questions
Spider-Man: Far From Home doesn’t just put a period on Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it offers some tantalizing hints at the future. That meant, when we spoke to director Jon Watts and producers Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal about the


How Mysterio's Mystery Was Crafted in...
spider manHow Mysterio's Mystery Was Crafted in Spider-Man: Far From Home
Mysterio. The name alone can give goosebumps to even the most basic comic book fan. He’s one of Spider-Man’s most devious, cunning, and visually stunning villains. And yet, it wasn’t until Spider-Man: Far From Home that he was brought to the big


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