Another state is looking at propelling people through tubes at 670 mph

Another state — this time North Carolina — has been enticed by the idea of hyperloop, the futuristic and still theoretical transit platform that will shuttle people and packages at speeds of up to 670 miles per hour between cities. Virgin Hyperloop


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North Carolina Is Eyeing a Hyperloop One System for the Research Triangle
North Carolina is the latest state to throw its hat into the Hyperloop One ring. Today, Virgin Hyperloop One announced that North Carolina’s Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA) was launching a pre-feasibility study to connect the cities of

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Virgin Orbit Carries Out Its First...
Virgin Orbit Carries Out Its First Successful Rocket Drop Test From Modified Boeing 747
Virgin Orbit, the sister company of spaceflight company Virgin Galactic, nailed its first-ever drop test on Wednesday using a dummy LauncherOne rocket deployed from a Boeing 747 carrier named Cosmic Girl, reported.


Virgin Orbit's first rocket drop test...
Virgin Orbit's first rocket drop test was a success
The test paves the way for a full launch later in the summer.


Virgin Orbit Just Dropped a Rocket...
Virgin Orbit Just Dropped a Rocket From a Boeingkh
Richard Branson's air-launch system is getting very close to opening for business after successfully completing one of its last


Virgin Orbit performs a successful...
Virgin Orbit performs a successful drop test of its LauncherOne rocket launch system
Richard Branson-backed space startup Virgin Orbit has completed a key step along its path to launching satellites for commercial customers. The company held a successful “drop test” of its LauncherOne rocket, in which the crucial piece of its launch


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The race to become the first publicly traded company dedicated to human spaceflight is over, and Virgin Galactic has won. The company will be listing its shares on the New York Stock Exchange through a minority acquisition made by Social Capital


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Blasting Rich People Into Space Is Better Business Than Uber, Somehow
Virgin Galactic is preparing to become the first publicly traded spaceflight company, and the venture is setting a course to be profitable by August 2021, which would put it lightyears ahead of the profitability projections of another


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Battery pack suspected in recent Virgin Atlantic aircraft fire
A recent fire on board a Virgin Atlantic plane flying from the U.S. to the U.K., appears to have been caused by an external battery pack. The power packs are popular among smartphone owners who use them to keep their handset’s battery topped up, but


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Virgin Orbit seeks to launch satellites from the UK by 2020
One of Richard Branson’s space companies (yes, he has more than one) is looking to bring satellite launches to British soil, with a new Virgin Spaceport based in Cornwall. The project now has buy-in from the UK Space Agency, which intends to put £7.8 mill

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The Hyperloop Concept Is Finally...
The Hyperloop Concept Is Finally Growing Up
Competing visions for Elon Musk’s technology are coming down to Earth

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Engadget Hyperloop TT outlines how it should be regulated in Europe
Hyperloop TT presented the European Commission with generic guidelines for hyperloop design, operation and certification.

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