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North Korea Reduces Local Market Hours through Autumn Harvest Period
Sources say the authorities want to limit the spread of information in the markets by keeping them open for shorter periods of time.
North Korea Takes ‘Loyalty Donations’ to Finance Preservation of Dead Leaders’ Bodies
Corpses of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il’s are preserved and on full display at a yearly cost of $400,000.

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What’s It Like to Live in Barcelona’s...
What’s It Like to Live in Barcelona’s Most Famous Gaudí Home? A Bit Inconvenient
Meet one of the last people to live in the Gaudí masterpiece La Pedrera. It’s not always easy, with tourists lining up for the elevator and “there isn’t a single straight wall” in her apartment.


A Rape Case and a Wedding Strain Ties...
A Rape Case and a Wedding Strain Ties Between Arab and Jewish Villages
A rape case involving a 7-year-old ultra-Orthodox girl and a video of Arabs and Jews celebrating at a wedding have torn two West Bank villages apart.


How many kilograms can fall apart...
How many kilograms can fall apart each year? Jun 16, 8:59 amkh
Human skin is an organism with the largest surface area when compared to other organs located outside it.

thmeythmey.coma month

Apart from sending rubbish to origin,...
Apart from sending rubbish to origin, Malaysia requests rich countries to stop trash trash in their home
(Kuala Lumpur): Garbage warfare between the Philippines and Canada is not calm yet, Malaysia is also facing a heated debate, with thousands of tons of rubbish that has been sent to the Asean country, and the Malaysian public are criticizing

freshnewsasia.com2 months

Anna Sorokin: Fake heiress apologises...
374 world usaAnna Sorokin: Fake heiress apologises as she is sentenced
Anna Sorokin "was blinded by the glitter and glamour of New York City", a judge says.

bbc.com2 months

The Marriott Hotel Alliance Launches...
2 worldThe Marriott Hotel Alliance Launches Luxury Apartment Programs for Togetherkh
The Marriott International Hotel Association on Monday unveiled an online auction for a luxury home by Airbnb.

kampucheathmey.com3 months

12 Lao women have been rescued from...
2 world12 Lao women have been rescued from prostitution across the border between Thailand and Malaysiakh
Officials raided a karaoke bar in Sungai Kolok district of Narathiwat province on Monday, April 29,

rasmeinews.com3 months

Both Blindness!
7 worldBoth Blindness!kh
NEW YORK, April 24 (Xinhua) - The US Geological Survey (USGS) said a magnitude 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck the state on April 24, 2019.

dap-news.com3 months

Spotlight: Small surgeries make big...
1 worldSpotlight: Small surgeries make big difference - Belt and Road project bring vision, new hope to cataract patients in Cambodiakh
KAMPONG CHAM, Cambodia, April 19 (Xinhua) — Sum Meyle, a mother of five children, was on cloud nine when she heard that a Chinese medical team, under the Belt and Road Cataract Blindness Eradication Campaign, was on a mission to provide free cataract surg

dap-news.com3 months

20 worldសកម្មជនលំនៅដ្ឋាននៅប៊ែកឡាំង ដឹកនាំយុទ្ធនាការប្រឆាំងនឹងការឡើងថ្លៃឈ្នួលផ្ទះ
បរទេស៖ អ្នកតស៊ូមតិលំនៅដ្ឋានដែលមានតម្លៃទាប បានបើកដំណើរការយុទ្ធនាការមួយដើម្បីបង្ខំឱ្យរដ្ឋាភិបាលទីក្រុងប៊ែកឡាំង ប្រទេស អាល្លឺម៉ង់ ចាត់វិធានការទៅលើបន្ទប់ជួល ឬ apartments ចំនួន ២៥០.០០០ ដែលមានតម្លៃរាប់ពាន់លានដុល្លារ ពីម្ចាស់សាជីវកម្ម ដើម្បីប្រយុទ្ធប្រឆាំងនឹងការ

dap-news.com3 months

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