North Carolina Is Eyeing a Hyperloop One System for the Research Triangle

North Carolina is the latest state to throw its hat into the Hyperloop One ring. Today, Virgin Hyperloop One announced that North Carolina’s Regional Transportation Alliance (RTA) was launching a pre-feasibility study to connect the cities of

(Translated) រដ្ឋ Carolina ខាងជើងកំពុងប្រែក្លាយប្រព័ន្ធ Hyperloop មួយសម្រាប់ការស្រាវជ្រាវត្រីកោណ រដ្ឋ Carolina ខាងជើងគឺជារដ្ឋចុងក្រោយបំផុតក្នុងការបោះមួករបស់វាទៅក្នុងស្រោម Hyperloop One ។

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